Hand/foot care routine

Alrighty. I always get all kinds of compliments on how nice my nails or feet look, so I thought I would what I do to achieve this. Mind you, part of it is due to genetics, but I do take care of them so they continue to look nice :)

First is what I do everyday, without fail, quite often more than once a day. Right out of the shower, I apply cuticle oil and push them back with a cuticle pusher, shown in the pic. I do this regardless of them being polished or not; it doesn't hurt your mani.

Once I'm with getting dressed and such, I will lotion up my hands. Some days, it may be the only time I do that, but I also try to before bed each night as well apply cuticle oil again. It mostly depends on how busy I get before bed.

Important note: No matter what, I always use cuticle oil after I've finished clean up for a mani. This is important since I use acetone only for clean up.

Ok, now for the once a week. I practically have to file my nails once a week because 1) I keep them short (personal preference) and 2) they grow back fairly quick. I've recently switched to OPI's crystal file and I will never go back. I absolutely love it! You'll see in the pic with the file cuticle nippers; I do not use them on cuticles. Rather, I use them to trim and clean up around the nail but never on the cuticle.

Also, normally after I've filed my nails, I use this sugar scrub. It is just amazing. I'll massage it over my hands until the crystals have dissolved, rinse, and apply some lotion. My hands are so nice and soft after that.

Finally, the last thing I do once a month or less is buff my nails. Because of how my thumb nails are shaped, I found that buffing them more that will cause them to split in a certain spot. So I try to do that only when they need it. When it is time to, I do try buff, file, and scrub the same; it just makes it easier. I'll first use the pink board gently down near the cuticles, then the buffer block like normal.

On to my foot care routine! It's pretty much the same, with one or two differences. In the shower, I use a pumice stone. The one I have is a two sided stone, and I'm using the medium grit side. Depending on how bad your callus is depends on which side you need to use. You will notice after a few weeks, if you're consistent, your callus will really go down and you can switch sides. 

Out of the shower, I'll apply cuticle oil to them as well and puch them back. I can't use the foot butter pictured everyday because it's summer here in FL and I refuse to wear socks everyday, so it's about every other day. So when I do use the butter, I wear socks. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as you have socks on until it's absorbed.

I don't file the toe nails once a week because they don't grow as fast as my finger nails. I file them as needed; same with buffing them.

Once a week, I do use a foot scrub on them, though. I massage that over each foot for a few minutes, then rinse.

So, yeah, that's pretty much my routine. You don't have to use the same brands, these are just what I have and what work for me.