Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas..... done!

Good morning!

Christmas is over past us, and we have just New Year's left! It's been a busy, stressful holiday season this year, but I won't bore you with the deets. I have lots of manis to show, so let's get to them!!

This is my simple, but simply stunning Christmas Day mani, ILNP Juliette. I fell in love with this color with the first swatch that Barbra at ILNP previewed. Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with rose gold? Lol, yeah. This has the Precious Metals finish with a sprinkle of holo. My pic doesn't do it justice, it's just so beautiful.

Next is my nails for Christmas Eve. That was actually our family gathering, even though hubs and I had my parents and grandma over yesterday for Christmas dinner. The base was CbL Blue, Blue Christmas, which just screamed to have snowflakes stamped over it. Snowflakes are from Infinity Nails 79 and Winstonia Have a Merry Christmas! plate, stamped in MdU black and silver.

Wednesday's #watermarblepracticewed prompt was holiday of choice. I went with just a general, festive look, or at least what I thought was a festive look. It started with a base of OPI Kyoto Pearl because I wanted a little more depth to the water marble. The water marble was created with all the Color Paints. I didn't really have a pattern in mind, because I wanted a stained glass for the end result. The cathedral windows are from Messy Mansion MM01, stamped in MdU black.

I thought it looked pretty cool, if a little trippy lol.

For Tuesday, I did the 30DoCC challenge a day early, since it was set for Wednesday. The prompt was just Christmas, so I chose to do Christmas cookies. The base is Colores de Carol Gingerbread Cupcakes, and is very appropriately named. That's what is looks like. It's a pretty color. I stamped little gingerbread men from 5 different plates in MdU pinon. The plates were-

Winstonia 222
Handy N1
Winstonia Have a Merry Christmas
Marianne Nails 62
Chez Delaney Xmas 001

Christmas Inlinkz-

Monday's 30DoCC was snowmen. I used My Little Glacier from ILNP, which was one of my birthday gift, and Cold Fusion. I really wish I had had better light to show off those two, but the weather just hasn't been the best. The "snow" is from UberChic 1-03, the snowman Winstonia 120. Both are stamped in MdU white.

Snowman Inlinkz-

Stamping Sunday's challenge was Merry Christmas. I figured that meant the words, Merry Christmas, needed to be somewhere, so that's what I did. The base is CbL Peacock Parade, which isn't quite as blue as my photo makes it appear. The stamping images I used came from Handy N1, MdU Christmas 2, Infinity Nails 79, and Chez Delaney Xmas 001, stamped in MdU silver.

Last Thursday's 30DoCC prompt was silver and gold. The silver and gold was great, and I should have left it at that because the stamping was a flop. You can barely see it -_- The silver was OPI This Gown Needs a Crown, the gold was OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. The ornaments are from Chez Delaney Xmas 001, and were stamped in MdU silver on one, gold on the other.

Silver and gold Inlinkz-

Last Wednesday's water marble prompt was inspired by snow. The water marble was created using Zoya Seraphina, Blu, and Dove over Purity. I added gradient stamped snow from UberChic 1-03 in MdU white and light blue.

Last Tuesday's 30DoCC prompt was holly. The base was ILNP's unbelievably gorgeous Cherry Luxe, also part of the Precious Metals finish. The holly is from Chez Delaney Xmas 001 and stamped in MdU dark green.

Holly Inlinkz-

Last, but not least, is last Monday's IG challenge prompt, winter wonderland. The base Is Zoya Crystal. You can't have a winter wonderland without first have snow and snow flurries :) Those images came Sugar Bubbles SBS 06 and Chez Delaney Xmas 001, and were stamped in MdU silver and white.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Christmas

Good afternoon!

I know I'm a little late in posting last week's 40 Great, but, well, busy lol. BUT here it is!

The base was DIFFERENT dimension 50K, created for her hitting 50K followers on IG. I stamped images from Mundo de Unas Christmas 2, Handy N1, Sugar Bubbles Special 02, and Chez Delaney Xmas 001 in MdU silver.

Christmas Inlinkz-

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hello and happy Monday!

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been very busy, stressed out, and not feeling well since Thanksgiving. I'm hoping things will slow down just a little this week. Here's what I've got to show you :)

Last Friday's mani was a 30DoCC prompt and an IG nail art challenge prompt. One was candy canes, the other Christmas candy. This is what I came up with. The base is OPI Kyoto Pearl, to have that pearly finish that old fashioned Christmas candy has. The candy cane like swirls are stamped in MdU red and green, and are from Winstonia 216.

Candy cane Inlinkz-

Last Thursday was my birthday, so I had do something more "me" instead of festive. The colors were definitely seasonal, but then I've always loved blue and silver together :) The base color was Et Tu, Brute? from Cupcake Polish, which just happened to be the first one I own. This beautiful polish was gifted to me by a wonderful friend I met on FB <3 The butterflies are from one of my favorite stamping plates, Messy Mansion MM42, in MdU silver.

The water marble prompt for last Wednesday's #watermarblepracticewed prompt was a bit of a challenge this time. The prompt was poinsettias, and I had to really think on how to achieve this. I really didn't want any white in there, even to outline the petals, so I decided to a red on red look. The base is KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin'. To create the water marble, I used Zoya Asia, so it would show over Lava, and OPI Nail Envy. Some nails even got double water marbled, something I've never done before, but you can't really tell. The "centers" were dots done in Zoya Darcy.

Last Tuesday was another two challenges combined; this time, it was hot chocolate and reindeer. My base color for the whole mani was Zoya Emilia. I stamped reindeer sweaters on three fingers on each hand, and lemme tell you, that was a bitch getting two of them straight. The sweater images were from Marianne Nails 53, and the single reindeer was from Handy N1, stamped in MdU bones. On the other fingers, I used a dotter to create "marshmallows" and OPI Angel With a Leadfoot for a mug of hot chocolate look.

Hot chocolate Inlinkz-

Last Monday, I combined the PAA Mani Monday prompt, red/green/white only, with 30DoCC prompt, wreaths. Base colors were Zoya Aspen, Amal, and Veruschka. The wreaths were stamped in MdU green, and were from MdU Christmas 2.

Wreath Inlinkz-

Last Sunday, I kept it simple, because we had family visiting from out of town. It was just Ashes to Ashes, from Amy's Nail Boutique, who seems to have disappeared =\ That sucks, because I love this polish.

The previous Friday, that day's 30DoCC prompt was ugly sweater nails. I had a hard time intentionally doing ugly nails, but this was my result lol. Essie Mint Candy Apple was the base color. For the ugly sweater image, I used one from Marianne Nails 53, stamped in MdU tutti.

Ugly sweater Inlinkz-

And my final mani for this post. It was simple; Zoya Iris and Loredana.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Winter

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Things have been rather crazy and stressful since Thanksgiving; I'll have a post up tomorrow with my other manis, but for today, here is yesterday's 40gnai prompt.

My mani was inspired by one done up by Narmai. The base color is Zoya Blu. Glitter gradient was done using Morgan Taylor Fame Game (China Glaze Glistening Snow dupe!!!). My snowflakes were stamped, not freehanded like hers lol, using Infinity Nails 79 and MdU white.

Winter Inlinkz-

Saturday, December 5, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Glitter or Flakie Topper

Good evening!

Got a quick little post for y'all, with this week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt :) My art prompt, to go with the glitter or flakie topper, was simply just accents, so I combined it with a challenge I'm taking part in on IG. It's #clairestelle8dec if you want to take a peek.

My base was OPI Give me Space, which is gorgeous by the way. This may be my next pedicure color lol. Over that, I added a coat of KBShimmer Dark Matter. My accents were snowflakes, for the other challenge, which were from Chez Delaney Xmas 001, stamped in MdU light blue.

I'm kinda in love with this mani. It turned out sooooo beautiful.

Glitter or flakie topper Inlinkz-

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to December!

Good evening!

Here are this week's mani for you :) First up is today's #watermarblepracticewed prompt, inspired by food. I picked one of my favorite seasonal treats, peppermint bark. OPI Alpine Snow was the white base, the marble was created with My Vampire is Buff and Suzi Loves Cowboys, dots are Red Hot Rio; all three are OPI also. Mattified with OPI's matte topcoat.

Tuesday's mani didn't turn out how I planned it. What resulted was this: Base color was Colores de Carol Valor, which is her color of the month for November. The snowflakes came from two plates, Infinity Nails 79 and Chez Delaney Xmas 001, stamped in MdU white and silver.

You can't really see the holo because if the crappy, cloudy weather we had yesterday -_-

For PAA Mani Monday, I chose to do both prompts glitter gradient and silver. The base color is OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI, the glitter gradient is Shine for Me. I really liked how it looked :)

Sunday was my first Chritmas-y mani of the season. Used for this mani were KBShimmer Holly Back Girl and Zoya Quinn. White doves were stamped over Quinn from MdU Christmas 5 plate and MdU white.

For Thanksgiving, I kept it simple. I was not feeling well that day. I used Colors by Llarowe Cornucopia and nine zero Turkey Coma. I think that they went well together.

And, last but not least, is my turkey feathers water marble for last Wednesday's #watermarblewedpractice. Base colors was Zoya Purity. Feather colors were Demetria, Darcy, and Taylor,dots were Nyssa.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pre-holiday madness!

Hello and good afternoon!

For US folk, this Thursday is Thanksgiving, making this week crazy busy, since not everyone is off and we have to rush through a week's worth of business in three days. So much to get done!

Today's mani is for an IG challenge, and the prompt is owls. I've been wanting to use a jelly polish for a while now, so I pulled out Zoya Paloma. I promise you, I capped my free edges with each coat, but it shrank back on a few -_- It's so hard to not let OCD me..... Anyway, it's stamped with MdU copper and Bundle Monster 309.

For yesterday's PAA Mani Monday challenge, I picked to jewel tones prompts. The colors I used were Zoya Yves and Honor. Both are stainers, if not removed carefully. Otherwise, I love them :)

The polish I wore on Sunday, I picked up because of a blogger on IG, Chit Chat Nails. I'm totally obsessed with rose gold polishes, and this screamed at me, buy me! This beauty is Cirque Colors Halcyon. I own a few rose gold metallics, but Halcyon, by far, is the most gorgeous. I couldn't bring myself to stamp over it or anything, it's just so beautiful on its own. It's a limited edition color, so I highly recommend getting now if you love it.

Nothing for Saturday, and Friday's mani was already posted, so on to Thursday! This turned out to be more Christmas-y than I intended, but honestly, it was one of those days where I didn't want anything complicated. This is Zoya Janel and Sue.

I skipped out on last Wednesday's #watermarblepracticewed prompt, because I had to spend time at the DMV. Not sure if I mentioned it, but I pulled over on Veteran's Day, and the cop busted me for my driver's license not having the right address -_- So, yeah, didn't have time to get a water marble together, so I slapped on a couple coats of Colors by Llarowe In the Navy.

Last Tuesday's mani was also for an IG challenge. That prompt was Gothic. I'm happy with the execution of the mani, I just think I could have done something..... more. The base color was OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight. The stamped color was Essie Penny Talk, the silver was OPI Birthday Babe, and the stamping plate was Messy Mansion MM54.

And last Monday's PAA Mani Monday mani :P I chose to do prompts, falling leaves and purple for Epilepsy Awareness. Base is CbL Paper Moon. Leaves were stamped in MdU copper and were from Winstonia 119 and Messy Mansion MM23.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Grey and Color

Good morning! 

So, here's this week's 40GNAI prompt. The color prompt was grey and color, grey being fitting because it is very grey this morning. My nail art prompt was zig zags. Here is what I cam up with.....

Base color is Zoya Tris, which looks more green than grey in my pic, but I promise you it is grey. The zig zags are from Vivid Lacquer 010, stamped in MdU fiji.

Grey & Color Inlinkz-

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I know, I know.....

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) I'm just glad to have made it through to the weekend; I had a hell of a week, that was compounded by trying to get sick. Thankfully, I didn't get fully sick, but I was left feeling tired and crappy like you would just before you get sick. That's why I haven't posted in nearly two weeks. Because of that, I have some catching up to do, so get comfy!

I did up my nails yesterday because I had some errand running to do. I managed to snap a pic of what is still on my nails as I type this, Colors by Llarowe Falsetto Child. OMG, I love this polish! It's just a chameleon. In some lights, it wants to be teal, others it shows navy, and in a few it wants to be a steely blue. I think it's a linear holo multichrome, even though Llarowe lists as a holo only.

I finally got around to trying out the other two Satins from the Zoya NYFW trio, Antoinette and Dagmara. I did accents of one on my left, accents of the other on my right. Over the accents, I stamped inspirational words from Bundle Monster 705 in MdU bones. I topcoated over the stamping, then re-Satined them with Zoya's Satin topcoat.

I skipped out on this week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt and did a mani for Veteran's Day. The base colors were ILNP Closure and Honor Roll. Closure got poppies stamped over from UberChic 1-02 in MdU white. Honor Roll got a water marble (that I wasn't real happy with....) over with OPI Nail Envy and Wet 'N Wild French White.

Tuesday, I did a prompt for a challenge on IG, it was purple. The base color was OPI Gelato on my Mind (I love this color!), the Shatter was Super Bass.

That week's PAA Mani Monday prompt that I chose to do was blue Diabetes Awareness. I have two relatives, my dad and his sister, that have Diabetes, which puts me at a greater risk for it =\ The base color was Zoya Progressive Blue, or Flo as I call it. The dots were stamped from UberChic 1-03 in MdU mint. I know they look blue, but I swear it was mint I used lol.

Because I started feeling sick last weekend, I didn't do my nails at all, so on to the previous Thursday! It was for a flash challenge in ANS, feathers. I was going for a cardinal's look, don't think I really nailed it. The base was a Saran Wrap mani of Zoya Janel and Quinn, and ILNP Closure. The feather image was from VL-4 from aliexpress in MdU black.

That Wednesday's #watermarblepractice prompt was random design. The base is Zoya Purity. For some reason, I could not get any of my whites to marble, so I used Nail Envy with Zoya Sia to create the marble.

And the last one! It was for an IG challenge as well, the prompt being under the sea. I busted out Emily de Molly Dark Depths for the base color. The stamping colors were MdU bones, pale yellow, mint, sunflower, sky blue, and white. The images came from Bundle Monster 501, 504, 506, and 510.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Your Job

Good morning.

I'm gonna keep this short, as I really just don't want to think up a post after what happened in Paris last night.

This week's prompt was called your job. My main job is secretary/receptionist, even though I'm also a certified, licensed nail tech. My base color was Zoya Mieko, a color I received as a GWP. I used images from the Mo You London I love the 50's plate 1, stamped in MdU white, an old fashioned phone, a typewriter, and a lady chatting on a phone. Pretty much covers what I do lol.

Job Inlinkz-

I'll put together a post tomorrow of the other manis I've done, I've just been sick and busy with work, and dealing with a bad week, and not had time to put one together.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- black and white

Good Saturday morning!

I'm not feeling well this morning, been around a lot sickies this week, and I think it's finally getting me, so I will keep this brief.

This week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge was black and white; my nail art prompt was waterfall. This is only my second attempt at one, and I really dislike how it turned out. For some reason, it's just not an easy thing for me to do, and it's not a difficult nail art to execute.

The colors I used were all Zoya Matte Velvets: Aspen, Dovima, and Loredana.\

Black and white Inlinkz-

Monday, November 2, 2015

Time to get caught up!

Good afternoon!

I've been slacking on the posting, I admit it. Things have just been crazy, trying to find the time for more than just the 40 Great Nail Ideas posts. I've got a backlog of manis to show, so let's get to them!

Today's PAA Mani Monday prompt that I chose to do is plaid. The base is Zoya Alexa. Stamped over with Mundo de Unas sunflower and navy, and myonlineshop MJ XXIX. Zoya Matte topcoat to finish it.

There was finally a Stamping Sunday prompt that I wanted to! It was red and black. A perfect opportunity for me to try out my new red holo, Anonymous Lacquer Wrath. OMG, y'all, if you're looking for a true red holo, this is it!!! It does not lean pink, or is too greyed out. It's perfection! I stamped over it with Messy Mansion MM54 and MdU black.

Saturday was, of course, Halloween, so I couldn't go naked for it. I had ordered the Colors by Llarowe Halloween duo, so those were my base colors. The orange is All Jack'd Up, the purple Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun. The images were from Bundle Monster H07 and H08, and Nailways A-NW00016, stamped in MdU black and white.

It was also the last day for October's 30DoCC, so here are the Inlinkz for it-

Friday's mani was already posted, on to Thursday. That was the pink pastels prompt for the 30DoCC. I did a vertical gradient, using Zoya Kitridge, Eden, and Lara over Purity. Matte topcoat to finish it.

Pink pastels Inlinkz-

#watermarblepracticewed prompt was, of course, Halloween. I went for a candy corn look. OPI Alpine Snow, Primarily Yellow, and Chromatic Orange for the marble, and Color Club Beyond for the dots.

Tuesday was the acorn prompt for 30DoCC. This one prompt made me realize I don't have but 2, single, acorn images. Anywho, the base is ILNP Overnight Bag and Glory. I highly recommend getting these two, they are so beautiful together! The acorns are from Bundle Monster H12 and Messy Mansion MM3,s tamped in MdU pinon.

Acorn Inlinkz-

Last Monday's PAA Mani Monday mani was completely inspired by IGer @clairestelle8. The base was a radial gradient of China Glaze Bahamian Escape, I Sea the Point, and Violet Vibes over White on White. A layer of Fairy Dust, then stamped with images from Winstonia Haunted House and Nailway A-NW00016, in MdU black. Matte Magic to finish it.

Sunday's mani was a recreation as well, this time from IGer @tunaynamahal82. It started with a base of Zoya Genevieve, followed by ILNP Glory. Leaf image came from Winstonia 119, stamped in Maybelline Bold Gold. I believe I used Zoya Matte topcoat to finish it.

And, finally, that previous Thurday's 30DoCC prompt, pumpkins. This gave me the opportunity to try a new to me indie brand, Potion Polish. My first purchase was Pumpkin all the Things!, which is the color of pumpkins. I stamped over that with Winstonia Haunted House and MdU pale yellow.

Pumpkins Inlinz-