Other Swatches

For the time being, I'm going to dedicate this page soley to other brands that I have, simply because there are so many on the OPI page. I don't have as many other brands/colors as I do OPI, so here goes! As with the OPI's, these pics are taken indoor with a flash and outdoor without.

China Glaze

Fuschia Fanatic- 80742, Electro Pop, 2 coats. If you're looking for the perfect, look no further! This is the one true fuschia I have ever seen. Great formula, opacity in 2 coats.

Riveting- 80622, Capitol Colors, 2 coats. This should have been called hypontic, lol. Riveting is such an amazing shade of orange. I love it.

Millennium- 70415, Khrome, 2 coats. I love this silver. I truly do not own anything like it. Two effortless coats, and it dries to a matte finish that reminds me of aluminum foil.

Angel Wings- 80651, Holiday Joy, 3 coats. Lovely, dense, ultra fine holo glitter that you can wear on it's own.

Color Club

Fashion Addict- 859, Catwalk Queen, 3 coats. All I have are 3 words: linear purple holo :)

Beyond- 994, Halo Hues, 2 coats. More linear holo goodness than Revvvolution, more black too. Also stamps well.

Revvvolution- 852, Femme Fatale, 2 coats. Three more words: linear black holo :)


Splash of Grenadine- 719, Resort collection, 3 coats. A very pretty magenta pink creme polish. Like themajority of the Essies I own, it's a 3 coater, which is a littel disappointing, but I still love the color.

Mint Candy Apple- 702, Sweet Time of the Year collection, 3 coats. One of the few mints I won, I simply adore it. You can almost smell peppermint in the air when you wear it. The only drawback is that it always takes me 3 coats for opacity.

Hard Candy

Beetle- 321, 4 coats. Holy multichrome! This flashes so many colors, it's crazy! I highly recommend getting; I found mine at Walmart.


Miss Pixie- 604, Candy, 4 coats. Beautiful, royal blue jelly. Stinks like hell, but beautiful.


Desert Prisms- 330, 3 coats. I first had this polish years ago, and for some reason got rid of it. I managed to find it last year and couldn't be happier. This is one of my favorite polishes. Desert Prisms is shimmery light orange with strong flashes of gold and some pink. You could almost call this duochrome. DP is sheer, so you'll need either to layer it or use 3 thin coats like I did.

Styled Out- 20, Color Show Denims, 2 coats. When I first saw this, I thought it was going to be another squishy, jelly-shimmer, not that there's another wrong with that! Turns out it isn't, it just a shimmery, dusty blue that's reminscent of your favorite jeans.

Navy Narcissist- 100, Color show Metallics, 1 coat (!!!). Metallics are pretty popular right now, but I had yet to this particular color. I snapped it up when I saw it. And OMG, it's a one coater!! I bet it will be great to stamp with too!

Sapphire Siren- 360, Color Show, 2 coats. I have been looking for a color like this for ages. Suprisingly nice, easy application.

Blue Freeze- 350, Color Show, 2 coats. Dark, dark blurple shimmer with loads of purple and blue sparkles.

Nicole by OPI

A-Nise Treat- NI 199, Gumdrops, 2 coats. True black textures with silver sparkles.


Butterflies- 40673, Love, 4 coats. I can honestly say I got this polish solely for the name. I admit it. However, it is a very pretty pink jelly with a slight yellow undertone. I can barely pull it off, and that was in a candy mani that I did.

Royal Velvet- 40743, Precious, 3 coats. A pretty blue/purple/green trichrome.

Sally Hansen

Royal Icing- Sugar Coat, 3 coats alone, 2 coats over 1 coat Zoya Blu. Even at 3 coats, this wasn't opaque enough for me, plus it looked dingey. I totally recommend layering it over another Blu, as I swatched it. You don't lose the pink flashes this color has.

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