Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The heat is on!

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day, if you celebrated it, and/or a great first day of summer! I think Mother Nature took that as her cue to kick up the heat here, because I'm about to die, it's so hot and humid x.x

Let's get caught up on manis :) Today's mani is for one of this week's prompt for the 52 WPNMC, scales. This was pretty broad, as it could mean scaly creatures or musical scales. I chose the scaly creatures, as I don't have a stamping plate with musical scale images on it.

My base was Zoya Marion, from their latest mystery trio. The color is similar to OPI's Next Stop....Bikini Zone, but isn't quite the same. I stamped over that with an image from Messy Mansion MM21, in Essie Penny Talk. The stamping is more subtle than I intended.


I'll be doing the other prompt, navy, later in the week.

I combined Stamping Sunday's prompt, large flowers, with a prompt for the PAA Mani Monday, summer. Here's what I came up with. I sponged Morgan Taylor's in Making Waves, Go For the Glow, Watt Yel-lookin' At?, and Pink Flame-ingo over All White Now. Neons= summer. I stamped large flowers from Messy Mansion MM20 in MdU black over that. Ta-da!

For Sunday, I took the easy way for the 30DoCC. The prompts for that day were red and/or pond mani. I simply did a red mani with Zoya Demetria and Aphrodite.


Saturday, I had some running around to do and a family thing to go to in th afternoon, so I did up my nails :) Used OPI neons and a Sally Hansen matte glitter. Hotter Than You Pink and My Car Has Navy-gation over Put a Coat On!, with Eyelet over HTYP.

Last Friday's mani was the other prompt for last week's 52 WPNMC, glitter. The base color is Zoya Violet, another from their latest mystery trio. On accents, I sponged Candy Lacquer Unicorn Bubbles (which I regretted using upon removal lol).


Last Thursday's mani was a surprise like for me. It was 30DoCC mani, the prompts being texture/geometric. I haven't had any new texture polishes to share lately, until I came across someone purging her stash and kindly sending out polishes to those that asked for them. She had three of the China Glaze textures, the ones that were cremes, not glitters. I figured, why not?

I never like any of the "popcorn ceiling" textures in the swatches I saw online, so I was very surprised that I liked the one I used for this mani, which was Of Coarse!. The geometric pattern is from Pet'la Geomatrix, stamped in MdU neon green.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer fun!

Good afternoon! Whew, it's a sweltering day here x.x One of those afternoons that you wish you could sit in a cool pool with a cool drink. Summer is definitely here!

Summer also hit my nails pretty well this last week. Several brightly colored manis with summery themes. I'm quite proud with how most of them turned out. Shall we take a look?

I think today's is my absolute best Saran Wrap mani to date. I love how easy they are, and they're not real messy. This mani was one of the prompts for the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge; I'll be doing the other later in the week. I started with a base of China Glaze White on White (all colors are China Glaze, actually). The first color on was UV Meant to Be, second was (what I believe is a mislabeled as Are You Jelly?) Beach Cruise-r, third and final color was Liquid Leather. SV to seal it.

Inlinkz to other bloggers:

Yesterday's mani I feel like was a fail. It was my first time doing a waterfall mani. I've seen so many pretty ones, and I wanted to try it as my submission for the 30 Days of Colour Challenges prompts (monochromatic and/or matte). I don't think it's horrible, I just didn't care for it much. The colors and matte topcoat I used are all from Zoya. Layla was the base, pretty color by the way. Binx, Eden, Nana, and Margo were used to create the waterfall look.

Inlinkz for the others:

Okay, I am ridiculously happy with Monday's mani. It was the prompts for PAA Mani Monday, white and silver only and/or roses. My base was Zoya Genesis. Now, I got that collection last month; in fact, it showed up the day I had say goodbye to my Merlyn. I was gonna try to go to work the next day, so I did up my nails with Genesis. I determined then that it needed thinner the next time. The formula reminded me very much of China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around. It was thick, but patchy even after three coats.

Thinner went into it before applying it, and that seemed to help. I still needed three coats, though. Genesis is a gorgeous color, so I'll put up with it. Last week, I got my new UberChic plates, and I knew what image I wanted to use in this mani. I'm astonished at how well the rose stamped. It's from UC 1-02, stamped in MdU silver.

Stamping Sunday's challenge was summer nails. Nothing says summer to me more than bright colors, sunglasses, tropical flowers, and fruity drinks. I created a water marble using Zoya Shelby, Ling, Arizona, and Wednesday for my base. The stamped images were from the Bundle Monster Sunkissed collection, 507 and 508. The stamping polishes were MdU tutti, navy, and lime.

Friday was another mani for the 30DoCC. The prompts for were purple and/or Sharpie marbling. I think mine turned out pretty cool. Color Club's Diggin' the Dancing Queen served as the base, with the color Valley Girl in a Sharpie marbled over it. This was another mani I used an UberChic plate for, this time UC 1-01. Also used MdU tutti for it.

Inlinkz for these prompts:

Thursday was a rather tame day. It was just Zoya Apple on my nails. I was surprised to see that it wasn't too yellow for me. This was 3 coats.

And lastly, last Wednesday was another offering for the 52WPNMC. The prompts were pink and lilac and/or roses. My pink and lilac watercolor was a fail, to me. They were OPI's Sparrow me the Drama and Planks a Lot. The roses were FUN 14 in MdU violet.

And Inlinkz:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Good afternoon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did :) Of course, I have some manis to share. Let's start with today's.

I consider today's mani something of fail, only because the stamping didn't come out great. This mani knocked out challenges for both Advanced Nail Stamping and 30 Days of Colour Challenge. Both had prompts for radial gradients, 30DoCC also called for pink.

Colors used were all Zoya- Purity, Sweet, and Lara. Stamped image was from myonlineshop Jr-4, done in MdU Mexican pink.

Inlinkz for today's 30Docc:

I only half assed yesterday's PAA Mani Monday mani. The prompts were grey and/or abstract. I ended up with just a grey mani, with Zoya Dove.

Stamping Sunday's theme was "over a blue glitter base". Zoya Muse over Talia, with Winstonia W302 and MdU turquoise stamped over it.

For Textured Friday, I pulled out two Zoya Magical Pixiedusts :) Arlo and Nori

And Thursday was the other prompt for the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge, red, orange, and green. Not something I would chose, but I suppose it worked lol. Did a gradient on thumbs and pinks, and single color on the other fingers. Colors used were Zoya Jace, America, and Arizona.

And Inlinkz for that:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to June!

Good afternoon!

Wow, I can't believe it's June already! This year has really flown by! Of course, I think that's because it got hot here so early, which made it seem more like summer in March -_-

With a the new month comes new challenges for the 30 Days of Colour Challenge.

Up for today is silver and/or negative space. I combined both of them. I chose to do an illusion of negative, because I hate stamping over naked nails, and I didn't want to do anything complicated. My base color was Zoya Taylor, which is like the perfect nude with my skintone. Stamped over was Apipila P.2 and MdU silver.

Really like this look :) Inlinkz for the others:

Yesterday was mani for the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge. The prompts for the week were plaid and/or red, orange, and green. Honestly, I couldn't see those colors working together in a plaid, so I chose to do the prompts separately. The plaid is first, the other for tomorrow :)

The plaid didn't come out quite the way I wanted, which was a picnic-like blanket. The base color was China Glaze DJ Blue my Mind. Plaid image was from myonlineshop XXIX stamped in MdU white.

Inlinkz for the others:

Monday was PAA Mani Monday, and the prompts were neons and/or music. Really like what I came up with :) Base color is Sun of a Peach from China Glaze, which my camera totally freaked and made orange, not peach. The guitar image is from VL-3 (from aliexpress), the rock image from Cheeky jumbo plate Musical Nails. Stamping colors were MdU sky blue and black.

Sunday was the last challenge prompt for the May 30DoCC, and it was blogger's choice. I tried a look I've been wanting to do for a while, a water marble with an open, stamped image over it. Here's what I did-

Water marble with Zoya Talia, Cecilia, Nana, and Serenity over Purity. The colors bled a little too much into each other, but I still like the look of it. This mani also used an image from VL-3, stamped in black.


I did my nails for Saturday mainly because I just didn't want to go shopping with naked nails lol. I slapped on OPI AmazOn...AmazOff and On Pinks and Needles, and had done with it.

For Textured Friday, I wore what is probably my favorite texture, OPI Make Him Mine. I just love the color :)

And finally, Thursday's mani was another for the 30DoCC. Prompts were favorite brand and/or technique. This was a no brainer for me- Zoya and water marbling! Blu, Yummy, and Sailor over Purity.