Saturday, January 30, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- films

Good morning and happy Saturday!

Woohoo, it's the weekend! It's been a long and weird week for me, so I'm enjoying not having to go anywhere today, or do much of anything other than what I need to :)

So, this week's prompt for 40gnai is films. I chose to do a Grease themed mani for this. The base is Zoya Kitridge (which I need to get another bottle of, I love this pink so much!). All the images are from Mo You London Back to the 50's 01 plate, stamped in MdU black.

I want to take a second and plug a new product I got a week and a half. It's the crystal stamper from Messy Mansion, you can get it here. This stamper had totally upped my stamping game; I have never had images this straight before! Plus, this one is a marshmallow stamper; the originals were firm, like the Konad stampers. It's more spendy, but depending on where you are, you'll get it much faster than ordering from China. You're also supporting a small business, which I'm totally cool with :)

Anyways, here's my mani!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- 3 shades of purple

Good evening! Happy Friday!

This week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt was 3 shades of purple. My presonal prompt was camo print. Here's what I came up with :)

The base is a Saran Wrap mani of Zoya April and Leah. The camo print is from Vivd Lacquer 010 and stamped in MdU velvet. I added a coat of Zoya's Satin Seal topcoat.

3 shades of purple Inlinkz-

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Good evening!

Wow, where has the month gone?! I can't believe we're already more than halfway through January! Busy, busy, busy!

So, I have some manis to show you, let's get started. Today's mani was simple, but soooo beautiful. It was ILNP Greatness and Glory. So much shifty goodness in this mani!

Yesterday's PAA Mani Monday prompts were mermaid mani and/old shimmer; I did both. My base was Zoya Estelle, stamped with Mundo de Unas gold and Messy Mansion 21.

I skipped on on Sunday's Stamping Sunday challenge, I wasn't feeling it, so I did a gradient with some of the new Zoya Whispers. Base was Purity, gradient was Lake, Ireland, and Cala.

Thursday, I did up a mani using the last polish/plate I bought last year. It was for a group I'm in. The last polish I bought of last year was OPI Center of the You-niverse, the last plate was Cheeky CH40.

For last Wednesday's #watermarblepracticewed, the prompt was horizontal stripes. This didn't turn out quite how I imagined, but I still liked it. The base was Zoya Ziv, the water marble was Wet 'N Wild Black Creme and Nail Envy.

Last Tuesday, I did another multichrome/flakie combo, this one being ILNP Phoenix and Undenied.

Last Monday's PAA Mani Monday prompt I chose was most used polish. My most used polish, that I haven't replaced yet, is OPI Blue my Mind. I matted that with OPI's matte topcoat.

That previous Sunday, I skipped out on that Stamping Sunday, too, and instead did a prompt for an IG challenge. The prompt was favorite animal. My base was DIFFERENT dimension Heavenly Waters, which is beautiful. I stamped kitties and butterflies over it from DRK A3 in Mundo de Unas sky blue.

Friday, January 15, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- things that fly

Good evening!

I have this week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt, things that fly. My mani s supposed to be butterfly wings, it is actually, but the lighting didn't show it. There was no way I could get a better photo.

The base is ILNP Time in a Bottle. The butterfly wings are from Mo You London kitty collection 12, stamped in MdU black.

Things that fly Inlinkz-

Monday, January 11, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- pale blue base

Good morning!

I know I'm late in posting this, but I had a busy weekend and just didn't have the time to, so here it is this morning! This (last) week's prompt was a pale blue base, and my nail art prompt was Aztec designs. My pale blue base was OPI's I Vant to be A-Lone Star. I kinda struggled to find Aztec designs in my stamping plate collection, but I think I did all right. The images came from Bundle Monster 406 and 603, and Winstonia 308, all stamped in MdU dark grey.

Pale blue base Inlinkz-

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

Good morning and happy New Year to everyone!

Yay for little sleep! It's gonna be a long day x.x I've got plenty of manis to show you, so let's get to them! First up is yesterday's mani. It was very simple, and I wish I could have gotten a better photo of it, but it was just so gloomy yesterday, and indoor with a flash didn't cut it. I used Morgan Taylor Mint Chocolate Chip and Daydream, topped with Matte's a Wrap.

Mint Chocolate Chip is prolly one of the prettiest mint greens I own. There's no hint of blue, like with many mint greens and a few I own. It's very clean with no dustiness.

For #watermarblepracticewed this week, the prompt was starburst. I started with a base of OPI's Starry Eyed for Dear Daniel, which is pretty much the only other color I wanted from the Hello Kitty collection (which is currently available just about everywhere now). In the bottle, it looked like full on glitter, like the Burlesque glitters, but it's not, and it was easy to apply. I got it mostly because I like the color, not so much because it's glitter lol. For the water marble, I used Wet 'N Wild Black Creme and Nail Envy.

Yesterday was also a prompt for an IG challenge I've been taking part in, so I did that Tuesday. The prompt was winter berries. I really like what I came up with. The base is I Cannoli Wear OPI; I just love this color! The branches are stamped and are from Marianne Nails 58, stamped in MdU brown. The berries are just dots of OPI Bogota Blackberry.

PAA Mani Monday's prompt choices were sweater weather and/or new year, new color, an untried. I combined both in the beautiful ILNP Sweater Weather that I got for my birthday. Sweater Weather reminds of the holos that Zoya currently has, except that SW's holo is finer and almost linear.

Sunday was another prompt for that IG, this prompt being snow and ice, which was so appropriate for the weather we had. I think winter is finally here lol. It was just so sloppy and miserable on Sunday. The base was a gradient of KBShimmer Lo and be Bold and DIFFERENT dimension Heavenly Waters. The snow and snowflakes are from Chez Delaney Xmas 001 and UberChic 1-03, stamped in MdU silver white. Heavenly Waters is a holo, but you can't see it because, again, lighting =\

Last week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt was, like everything else, was New Year's. I used KBShimmer Pt Young Thing for my base, and Color Club Beyond and Nail Envy for the marble. This was the first time I've marbled with a holo, and I like the result. I did have to work a little faster, since holos tend to dry faster. I may need to dry some other holos for water marbling :)

Last Tuesday was one of the final 30DoCC prompts of the year. It was icicles. I decided to use a Pixie Dust as the base this time, Zoya Cosmo. The icicles were from Messy Mansion 27, stamped in MdU white.

Last Monday's PAA Mani Monday prompts were silver/gold only and/or negative space. This is what I came up. Both colors are Zoyas, the gold being Kerry, the silver Trixie. The Happy New Year image was from Infinity Nails 79, stamped in MdU silver and gold.

And finally, last Sunday, it was prompts for 30DoCC and the IG challenge. Prompts were gifts/presents. Instead of gifts, I did gift wrapping, because you can't have gifts without gift wrap! The base was OPI Rose to the Ovation. The image was from Sugar Bubbles Special 02, stamped in MdU white.

Gifts/presents Inlinkz-

Friday, January 1, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- New Year's

Good evening and happy New Year's! How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? I celebrated by sleeping :P Seriously, I had worked yesterday, got up too early, had a glass of pink champagne, and zonked out lol.

I have for you my NYE mani. It fits not only the 40 Great prompt, but the 30DoCC and an IGer challenge. It's not terribly fancy, but it is sparkly, so I was happy with it. The base is A Star to Sail By from Indigo Bananas (my first from them!). The stamped images are from Messy Mansion 02, stamped in MdU.

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