Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Mani

So, I decided to try something I had read about on OPI's fb page: layering one of the Texas sorbets over a glitter. I also remember reading how a few fans had done this before OPI had made the suggestion for it a weeks before. Here is my attempt. I used Show it and Glow it! for the glitter base and Do You Think I'm Tex-y?

The first 3 pics are with a flash, the last isn't. I used 1 layer of glitter, 2 of the sorbet, basecoat, and topcoat. I like it, it's pretty, but I don't know. I'm kinda meh about it. Could be because of today's craptastic weather.

On a different note, I'm rather annoyed with USPS and Amazon. I had purchased a bottle of DS Coronation on Amazon 11 days ago. The seller sat on my PAID FOR order for 4 days before shipping it. According to the tracking thing on Amazon, it was delivered Saturday.............

Yeah, my hubby and I were home Sautrday, no package. I'm betting MY package, my beautiful, retired color, got sent to/delivered to someone else. Now I have to wait till tomorrow to file a claim. I'm almost certain I'll get ruled against, since it shows it was delivered :'(

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week in Review

From today back through last Sunday, here's a look at my haul:

Today- Went to Sally's and picked a new buffing block, a Ruby Stone crystal file, and Orly's Royal Navy. Maybe it's me, and since I don't have OPI's DS Magic to compare, but I think Royal Navy might be a dupe for Magic. That's just going by the swatches I've seen online.

Saturday- Found Avojuice Jasmine (finally!) at JCP's salon. Also landed OPI's I Juggle...Men at Regis.

Wednesday- After looking for a few years, I once again own Maybelline's Desert Prisms. Absolutely gorgeous orange shimmer, I just love it. Found OPI's See Ya Later, Sailor!

Monday- Picked up Essie's Midnight Cami, Sally Hansen's Black Platinum and a Fast Dry Nail Color pen in Smoke.

All in all, not bad, may have spent a little more than I should, lol.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Welcome to my blog! I started it mainly to show off my nail polish obsession, but I have other interests and hobbies that I will occasionally post about. So sit back and enjoy!

To get started, I'll talk about my current mani. For colors, I used OPI's Give Me the Moon! and Essie's Midnight Cami. I started with OPI's Nail Envy for my basecoat, then two coats of Moon and let it all dry. I then used craft scissors I got at Michael's (thanks to Chloe's Nails for that idea!) and cut scotch tape in half. Now, I've tried using painter's tape for cool manis, but I got too much bleed through. I still get a little once in a while with scotch tape but it's no where near as bad as painter's. After cutting the tape, I just cover half the nail vertically with it and apply a coat of Midnight Cami, then a coat of Seche Vite after I've done all the nails.

I'm not the best at taking pics, but here is what I have for this mani:

Thanx for stopping by abd taking a look!