Monday, April 27, 2015

Feelin' hot hot hot!

Goooooood afternoon!

Summer has definitely cranked up here. With the hot weather comes my brightest colors. While I do truly wear what I want regardless of seasons, I tend to be seasonable in my color choices. I know that sounds contradictory, and I'm sorry for that, but it is what it is lol.

For work today, I had picked out a black and white outfit, so I wanted a pop of color for my nails. This was a hard decision, but I settled on Morgan Taylor's Shock Therapy. I can't even express how much I love this neon magenta. The only color I have similar to it is Zoya Charisma, and it's not the same. Shock Therapy was two, super easy coats with SV to seal it. I almost stamped a zig zag pattern over it, to match my skirt, but decided against it.

This week's Stamping Sunday challenge was birds and flowers. My base is a gradient of Zoya Purity, Tiana, and Eden, and that was over two coats of Purity. The stamped images were from FUN 14, stamped in MdU tutti. Seche, then Zoya's matte topcoat.

Sometimes, I really want to love a brand, but it just let's me down. Now, I'm the first to admit that I change my manis daily, so chipping and tipwear isn't a huge deal to me, but, for the most part, I don't have that issue much anymore, except with certain brands. Friday, I wore one that I just should have known better. 

When I was at Salon Centric a while back, hunting down Essie's neons from last summer, I came across their Cashmere Satin collection. Most of them were meh, but Spun in Luxe caught my eye. I finally got around to trying it out last Friday. I treated as I would any other matte, texture, satin, ect., but since I planned to stamp, I topcoated it. Two coats gave it opacity and SV to top it. Stamped over with myonlineshop Jr. 20 and MdU blue, and another coat of SV, then Essie's Matte About You. Sadly, I had some chipping out of the shower Friday morning, and it progressed through the day =\ Looks like that one will be hitting my destash pile.

As I did last summer, where I practiced water marbling every week, I've decided I need to work on my gradients. I'm just not happy with them most of the time, but I think I'm finally getting it. I think the gradient I did last Thursday could have been better, but it wasn't horrible.

I started with a base color of China Glaze White on White, 2 coats. For the gradient, I used Bottoms Up and Flip Flop Fantasy, which looks more orange than it really is. The colors freaked my camera out. SV to even it all out.

And Wednesday was simple stamping. The base color is OPI's This Color's Making Waves, which is gorgeous by the way. Stamping plate was Winstonia W311, stamping color was MdU mint.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Good afternoon!

I've got some new pretties to show off today! I'm just loving all the bright colors that everyone seems to be coming out with this spring and summer; I think they know what a sucker I am for them lol.

Today's mani was rather simple, but I love the color. Yellow itself is not unique to my collection, but a yellow with a turquoise shimmer is. Zoya Daisy is just that. I found the formula a little tricky to work with, I needed 4 coats for it to be even. Three might have been enough, but it's hard to tell with the lighting in my bedroom sometimes.

Yesterday was water marble day :) It came out more subtle than I intended, but it was still pretty. The colors are from China Glaze's Electric Nights collection, which I totally recommend getting as many as you can. They're gorgeous, and I love the glitters, too! I used Treble Maker and UV Meant to Be over White on White, then topped with Seche.

I actually did up this week's Stamping Sunday challenge, which was "roses aren't red.... flowers in unusual colors". I've never seen flowers in neon colors, unless they're dyed, so my base was a neon. This is Morgan Taylor's Pink Flame-ingo. It was a little streaky, but needed no white undies, so three coats was good for it. I stamped over with MdU sky blue, from her new Candy collection, and Winstonia W315. Seche to finish it.

I officially have no more new textured polishes :( Instead of a true textured polish, I went with a textured look, meaning I used a Crackle! Yes, I still love them, and wish I could some neon ones for summer. For this mani, I started with a base of Color Club's Disco's not Dead, which a pretty, light yellow creme. For all it's pastel-ness, it has a decent formula, and only needed 3 coats. Seche over that, then a coat of China Glaze's Crushed Candy, another coat of Seche, and a coat of Matte Magic.

Thursday was a purple-y kind of day. Zoya Leslie was my base at three coats. Leslie is such a pretty color. Seche went over that, then it got stamped with MdU violet and FUN 14. Another coat of Seche to finish it.

This next mani is my absolute favorite in quite a while, and that's saying a lot. I only used three colors, and a glitter, three of them from the Electric Nights collection. The white base is White on White. The others are Glow With the Flow, Home Sweet House Music, and Point me to the Party. This was such a fun mani to create, and I loved it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Tuesday!!

Good afternoon! How is your Tuesday afternoon? :) Is it bright and colorful and spring ready? Blah, I think Florida didn't get the memo for spring this year, and jumped right into summer x.x Not happy!

But I have several manis that I am incredibly happy with that I want to show off today. I think just about all of them feature new colors/collections. Shall we get started?

Today's mani, I know for sure, featured a new polish and a new stamping polish. The base color is Periwinkle in Time from KBShimmer. I have been on such a periwinkle kick lately, but I've had a difficult time finding true periwinkles. PiT needed three coats for opacity, then SV before stamping.

Mundo de Unas came out with new stamping colors for spring last month, a set of 8 colors. I ordered the entire set and received them yesterday. I wasn't sure how well Mint was going stamp over PiT, but it stamped just fine. It didn't blend in the base at all. The stamping plate I used was Pet'la Geomatrix, and sealed it with SV.

Yesterday was a water marble day with all Zoya colors. Purity for the base, and Lillian, Tiana, Cole, and Eden for the marble. I am so proud of how far my water marbles have come :)

I didn't take part in this week's Stamping Sunday challenge, mostly because I was lacking inspiration for the theme. I chose instead to do a stamped gradient. The gradient base was all China Glaze colors (which I have fallen back in love with.....). White on White for blank base, and Lemon Fizz, Highlight of my Summer, and Bottoms Up with a sprinkling of Fairy Dust then SV. I almost didn't stamp over that, I was so happy with how this gradient looked, but stamped I did. MdU turquoise and Pet'la Geomatrix for the stamping, then SV.

Textured Friday featured my last, new to me textured polish, Formula X by Sephora Nova. This is a pretty, lighter red, kind of like the one from the Minnie Mouse collection. This mani was 2 coats.

Last Thursday was another water marble, this one featuring Morgan Taylor colors. The white base was All White Now, the marble colors were Watt Yel-lookin' At? and OPI's Incognito in Sausalito. SV then Morgan Taylor's Matte's a Wrap.

For last Wednesday, I used the newly released Peri Me from I Love Nail Polish. Peri Me is a beautiful perwinkle linear holo; of course, I had to have it :P My mani needed 3 coats. SV, then stamped with MdU Fiji and Winstonia W-318, then another coat of SV.

And, finally, last Tuesday was simply 3 coats of Zoya Lola. Lola is quite easily the brightest, most obnoxious pink I own and have worn, next to Zoya Ali. It freaked my camera out a little bit, but this pic is pretty close to what it looks like. Since it dries kinda matte, topcoat is a muse, so SV on top of it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

So sorry!

Good evening!

I am so sorry I haven't posted lately. I haven't had a computer to be able to edit pics for over a week now. Finally, finally, I had access to one today, so I was able to get my pics done :)

To keep this post from being extremely photo heavy, I have one pic from each mani. Let's get started!

This is today's mani, a pastel water marble. The base was 2 coats of Morgan Taylor All White Now, the water marble colors were the entire collection of Color Club's Poptastic Patel Neons.  This came out much lighter than I anticipated, but I still liked it. Soft and pretty. It wasn't easier to capture it with my camera, but this was the best I could do.

I chose not to do the Stamping Sunday theme, because I didn't like what won the vote. Instead, I did an Easter themed mani. I used a new to me KBShimmer color, Where me Peeps At?, a Peeps yellow crelly with round glitter. I needed three coats for opacity. Over that, I stamped Messy Mansion MM08 and Mundo de Unas lilac.

Friday's mani featured colors from the super popular China Glaze Electric Nights collection. People have been going gaga over this collection, and I can see why. I picked up 8 of them last Wednesday, and really wish I had gotten one more of the other glitters. For this mani, though, I used UV Meant to Be and Point Me to the Party. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Three coats was needed for UV, but I think that was more me than the polish. I kinda feel I should have sponged on the glitter, because I could see air bubbles in bright light.

Thursday was really simple. Just three coats of Zoya Mimi. My camera made this look much cooler than it really is, so I tried to adjust the warmth for a truer color.

I have mixed feelings about my mani from Thursday. I adore the color and the stamping, but I absolutely hate the formula of the base color. I truly did buy CND Vinylux in Butterfly Queen for the name, but the color is gorgeous, so I figured I would give it a chance. Unfortunately, the formula is terrible. It dries rough, and stays rough with even two coats of Seche, and boy, it was a bitch to remove. Messy Mansion MM42 an Mundo de Unas were stamped over it.

Tuesday's mani was a bit of disappointment as well. I feel like I should have layered Morgan Taylor Best Ball Gown Ever over a periwinkle to make it pop. The formula wasn't bad, just two coats for opacity. Another mani where I used Messy Mansion MM08, but stamped in MdU lavender.

Mixed textures was the order of the day for last Monday. I used Zoya Lux and Brittany. Really love this combo!

For whatever reason, Easter nails were the Stamping Sunday them last week, instead of yesterday. I wanted to do nails that looked like Easter eggs, so I started with a water marble base. I used all the colors from Essie's 2014 summer neon collection. The "eggs" are from MM08, stamped in MdU pastel yellow.

For that Textured Friday, I used one of the last textures I have untried, L'Oreal Totally D'Accord. This is such a pretty texture. It's a blackened teal with silver flakies. Only two coats needed for opacity.

I totally ripped that Thursday's mani from Zoya's IG. It was a blue ombre, with Purity, Blu, Yummy, Edie, and Ryan. They left theirs glossy, but I matted mine with Zoya's matte topcoat.

I love the next mani. It's a water marble and gradient combo, using the same 4 colors. They're all Morgan Taylor colors:

All White Now
New Kicks on the Block
Varsity Jacket Blues
Going Native

And lastly, the previous Tuesday's mani. I pulled colors from the skirt I wore that day, blue, grey, and white. The white was OPI My Boyfrined Scales Wlls, te blue I Saw, You saw, We Saw... Warsaw. For the grey, I used Cracked Concrete from China Glaze Crackle Glaze. I then matted it with China Glaze Matte Magic.