Friday, January 31, 2014

I like it but.......

Good evening!

Today's Texture Friday features two new polishes from OPI's latest musical collaboration with Gwen Stefani, Push and Shove and 4 in the Morning. Push and Shove is a silver chrome, 4 in the Morning is a black satin finish (like This Gown Needs a Crown).

Push and Shove is sold with a new base coat, called Lay Down That Base. I can only guess that it's supposed to act as a ridge filler since the chrome effect shows every bump. The packaging recommends one of the base under Push and Shove. Push and Shove itself only needs two coats for opacity and all brush strokes disappear when dry.

For contrast, I taped off my nails and applied 4 in the Morning. It wasn't quite opaque on the first pass, so I gently blew on it and went over it again. I was happy with how it turned out. Push and Shove is soooo shiny, and 4 in the Morning isn't just a plain black; it has a bit of shimmer to it.

Unfortunately, the whole mani was so chipped by the time I made it to work, in spite of having made it through the shower, I ended up taking it off =\ I do know that it's not meant to last long, but I did hope it would have lasted longer than 12 hours. I think the next time I use Push and Shove, it may as my usual mani set up.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Good evening!

So, I have a bit of a Throwback Thursday for y'all :) I would suggest if you don't like Shatter/Crackles, you may want to pass over tonight's post lol.

Way back at the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, I really got into the nail polish community. What pushed me over the edge was the release of OPI's Katy Perry collection. It's one of the few collections where I own every color. For Throwback Thursday, I give to you Not Like the Movies with Black Shatter :) The crappy weather we've had here did not lend itself for capturing the color shift of NLTM, sadly.

Wednesday's was soft and pretty, I really like how it looked. I don't know if the collection was slated for release this month or next, but I found at Sally's over the weekend FingerPaints' new set of flakies, called the Kaleidoscope collection. They're not like their last set, these are softer in color, perfect for spring.

I layered two coats of Colorful Dream over Zoya Neely, then made it matte with Wet 'N Wild's matte topcoat.

On Tuesday, I used two untrieds, both from OPI. The newer was the Gwen Stefani collection released this month, In True Stefani Fashion. It's a square and hex silver holo glitter that can be layered or worn alone. I chose to layer it over Black Satin.

I was originally gonna pass on the glitter, until I realized it has square glitters. Love it!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Trying to beat the Monday blahs.....

Good afternoon!

Anybody that knows me, know I dislike Mondays. I find it extremely difficult to get out of my warm bed when that pesky alarm goes off, as well drag myself to the shower and get ready for work :P In an attempt to be somewhat cheerful today, I used two of my new Zoyas I got last week, Brigitte and Odette.

Before I say anything else, I want to express I am beyond impressed with this collection, Naturel. Granted, I only got 3 and have used two on myself (and one on my mother), but if the others are like these three...... Wow. I avoid most neutrals/nudes because 1) the formulas SUCK, therefore making application sucktastic, and 2) they're boring. The Naturel collection is neither of those. 

I used Brigitte as my base color for today's mani. I was astounded that I only needed two coats (1 if I applied it thicker!) for opacity. I topped it off with Seche and let that dry a good while, then cut pieces of blue painter's tape with scrapebooking scissors. I taped off each nail then applied Odette, then another coat of Seche. 

I also have for you yesterday's Stamping Sunday challenge, three purples. The very base was 3 coats of Zoya Miley, topped with Seche. Over that, using the Saran Wrap method, I applied Zoya Malia and let that dry before stamping. The stamped image is from Chez Delaney Divers 001, stamping color is Chanel Vendetta. Topped off with Seche.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

How cute is this?

Good evening!

Tonight's post isn't about a mani, it's about something cute I came across.

About a week and a half ago, one of the cutest things I've seen in a while popped up in my news feed on Face Book. The poster had found this "toy" OPI nail salon at Walmart. It was created for MiWorld by JakksPacific. I hadn't never heard of it or seen it before! Naturally, I sent my hubs in search of it, with no luck. I search online and found it on Toys R Us' site. Done and Done!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Texture Friday

Good evening!

Alrighty, so, I stepped out of my "zone" a little bit in a couple ways with today's mani. It's textured, but a brand that's kind of new to the texture game. Also, I stamped it. After seeing so many amazing stamped, textured manis, I finally gave it a go.

Let's start with the polish first. L'Oreal jumped into the textured game with their Hidden Treasures collection last month I think it was. I picked up Hidden Gems, because I've been absolutely dying to have a teal texture. Hidden Gems is more like a mermaid green, and is just beautiful. It's a sparkly texture, with silver round glitter. I only need two coats for opacity.

The stamping was done using my Nailways NW00015 plate, stamped in Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes. Let me just say this, I LOVE how this mani looked. I really didn't want to take it off, because it still looked nice a the end of the day, but I've got a pedi to give tomorrow :P

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Good evening!

I've had a few early days this week, that have had me in bed early and unable to post at night like usual. But!!! I finally got a few minutes, while I'm yawning my head off :p

Today's mani is a combo I've read about, but I'm not if I've actually seen pics of it. That's pretty much why I chose to do it, to see if it was as gorgeous as I had imagined...... and it is! Both colors are from Zoya. Two coats of Seraphina with one coat of Mosheen, topped with 2 coats of Seche (because Mosheen dries a little rough).

Let me just say, wow! What an icy, sparkly look!

Wednesday's mani was also a Zoya color, newly come to me from Zoya's last promo. I normally don't care from nudes and neutrals, but lately, I'm finding there's a hole in my stash  because of that. I have a few, but not more than that. With the exception of two, the colors I received would fall into the nudes/neutrals category lol.

One of the colors I got was Carey. Carey is very dusty, light purple creme. It's very season appropriate right now, really, almost all year long. It only took two coats for opacity.

Tuesday's mani was all holo :) The base 3 coats of Darling Diva's Royale, followed by a coat of Seche. The stamped image came from Nailways NW00015, using Color Club's Beyond. Topped again with Seche.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stamping Sunday!

Good evening!

I was actually able to find inspiration for this week's Stamping Sunday challenge- inspired by fabric. All I had to do was look around my home...... and my eyes settled on my curtains. They're this gorgeous, red brocade with black flowers.

I knew immediately I wanted to a mani like this! For the red, I chose Zoya Elisa, because it has a satiny look to it that all Zoya's shimmers have. Two coats was all I needed for opacity, then topped with Seche. For the stamped color, I used another Zoya, Raven, with Konad m66 for the flowers. Topped again with Seche and done!

I love this so much, that I'm gonna keep it on for tomorrow :P Barring that it doesn't chip before I have to leave for work lol!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Good morning!

Sorry for being MIA this week, I've had more than usual early, long days, which makes it difficult for me to want to blog. I finally got time this morning, mainly because I'm off weekends :P I've got a few manis, one a fail >.< to show you!

Let's start with today's. I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon for my cousin, so of course, I had to something for that :) I really wanted to use the baby themed plate from the Bundle Monster Holiday set that I ordered during their Black Friday sale, but I also wanted to do a water marble and maybe use one of my idie crelly glitters. Here's what I came up with!

Ok, I seriously love how this turned out! My thumb and ring fingers were water marbled with all Zoya colors, starting with a base of Purity at two coats with a top of Seche, and marbled with Pippa, Malia, Rocky, and Purity (in that order), and a final coat of Seche.

The other fingers were 3 coats of Above the Curve's Sugar Rush, a coat of Seche, then stamped with Bundle Monster BM H-21 and Sinful Colors Ardoise, and a final coat of Seche. I almost matted the water marbling, but decided against it this time.

Friday was my usual textured mani, using the two new Designer Series from OPI. Now, OPI wasn't exactly pushing them as Liquid Sands, but come on. All their other textured polishes, whether they be sparkly or not, are called Liquid Sands, so it kinda goes without saying that these are, too, even if they put into the DS.

Let me first say that although I love the colors and how they look on the nail, I am horribly disappointed in how badly they wore. I first wore Lapis while I was on vacation in Tennessee. Now, I've never lived anywhere that gets as cold as it did there, so I wasn't sure if the horrible chipping was my fault or because of the weather or what. I wanted to give it another go, so I did my nails up with Lapis and Pewter for yesterday.

I didn't do a thing differently prepping my nails for textured polishes. Everything was fine when I went to bed Thursday night and Friday morning, even through my shower Friday morning. Sadly, though, that was about the end of it. These two, Lapis and Pewter, wear nothing like the other Sands I own. They are so chippy on me, I could have cried. I love the colors, but not enough to keep them, so they're going to a new home today =\

The one nice thing I can say about them is that they both applied nicely and only needed two coat to look like this ^.

Thursday featured one of my untried indies, Candy Lacquer's Unicorn Bubbles. I started with a base of OPI's You're Such a Buda-pest at two coats. From previous experience with her glitter toppers, I chose to sponge Unicorn Bubbles on, so I topped with Seche before doing so. I went it over it twice, trying not to sponge it on too thick to avoid air bubbles, then applied two coats of Seche to smooth it out.

Wednesday's mani featured a polish from Maybelline's latest collection, Street Art. The one I picked up, Wild at Heart, has pink and black matte glitters in different shapes and sizes in a clear base. Silly me, I thought it was red and black, but the pink is ok with me lol. My base color was 2 coats of OPI's Skull and Glossbones, with 2 of Wild at Heart, which applied really nice. The clear base wasn't as thick as I expected it to be, and didn't chip on me. It did need two coats of Seche to smooth it out.

This is the only pic I had that wasn't completely blurred >.> It made be hard to tell, but I matted the thumb and ring fingers with Wet 'N Wild's new matte coat.

And, lastly, Tuesday's mani, which I regard something as a fail lol. Not the base color, I love that. The base was two glorious coats of Darling Diva's Blue Diamonds (that I would have bought just for the name alone, never mind that it's a blue holo, simply because I love blue diamonds). I'm sure if I had applied it thick enough, I could have gotten away with one coat. The fail came in the form of my stamping. I used one of the icicle images from Messy Mansion plate MM27, stamped in Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes. I really should stamped the image so that it was from my cuticle down, not from the free edge up. Plus, my camera didn't want to capture the holo-ness.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this week's offerings!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Stamping Sun..... er Monday!

Good evening!

So, I completely blew off yesterday's Stamping Sunday challenge. You'd think with allll the different shows I watch, I would have been able to pick something to be inspired be. You'd think, but, yeah. Couldn't come up with a damned thing.

I did come up with something for the Monthly Palette Project. This month's colors were Cacti Colors: 

I knew I definitely had three of them, so that's what I used, in a gradient as per the rules :P The colors were all Zoya- Wednesday, Natty, and Sailor, topped with Seche so I could stamp over. The image are from Mo You Rebel collection 02, stamped in CND's Vinylux Cream Puff. Topped with Seche again, followed by a new matte topcoat from Wet 'N Wild (love it, btw!).