Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Challenge #18- half moons

Happy Wednesday! My day has just started here, so nothing has gone wrong yet, lol. Can't say that for the same for the last few days, like Saturday...... Drowned rat look is not good for anyone :P Anyways.

For Pink Wednesday, and for today's challenge, I had picked for me half moons. Not a difficult look to achieve, but I think I may try doing it freehand at a later time. For my base color, I used 2 coats of OPI's Over Exposed in South Beach. This is such a beautiful magenta, completely unique in my collection. It's got a touch of shimmer to it with flashes of red and purple. Just beautiful in the sun.

The half moons were a tiny bit tricky. To create the look, I used binder reinforcers that I cut in half (and the ones I found were a pain in the to find at all). Using a small flat brush, to prevent bleeding, and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Black Out, I just filled in where I "taped" off. I added a little more to my thumbs but left the rest alone. Not bad for my first time, I think.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Challenge #7...... err no......

So, the last few days have been rather busy and I hadn't gotten a chance to post this challenge. picked for me #7, black and white nails. Unfortunately, I was NOT pleased with how they turned out, so I chose one myself- challenge #5 blue nails. This also gave me the opportunity to showcase one of my newest pretties: DS Glamour from OPI!

I honestly cannot tell you how much I love this. Glamour is my second DS and the first one with this kind of holo-ness. I only used two coats, no base color, and topped with SV. Now, I noticed no difference in the holo with a topcoat as opposed to no topcoat. It looked just as holo to me either way. On to the pics!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenge #10- Gradient for Pink Wednesday

Ok, so I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on gradients. I don't think my nails are *too* horrible, but, again, I need to practice. I've seen some pretty spectacular gradients, just not on me :P

For today's challenge, I started with two coats of Sparrow me the Drama from OPI. Still a little streaky after 2 but nothing that I can't deal with.

Using a non latex makeup sponge (I'm allergic to latex >.<), I sponged on Splash of Grenadine from Essie. This is were the gradient started to go "wrong" in my opinion. SOG went on more subtle than I expected, or maybe I just chose the wrong colors; I don't know. Anyways, here's the pic.

Using a fresh sponge, I sponged on Dim Sum Plum and topped it all with SV. This went on darker than I expected. Again, it's not completely horrible, but I think I need to going looking for application tips.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Challenge #9- Rainbow Nails

Title says it all, lol. Using yesterday, I got #9 Rainbow Nails. (For those of you that don't know, I'm doing my own version of a mani challenge. Explanation for it is in my previous post.)

I worry about using too many colorson my nails. Too often I've had polish chip and peel because I had too much on them. So instead of using "all the colors of the rainbow", I chose 3: No Room for the Blue, Planks a Lot, and In my Back Pocket, all from OPI. I started out with 2 coats of NRFTB, which is just a pretty medium blue, and topped with SV.

Let that dry, then taped off at an angle and applied PAL and SV over all that.

Let it dry once, taped off again, and applied IMBP and SV over it all.

And that's it! I do want to take a moment and rave about a product I started using last week: Orly's Bonder. O. M. G. I have serious problems with my manis chipping the day after I do them, and that's with using OPI's Chip Skip before I apply anything to the nail. This stuff is amazing! It creates a rubbery surface for your polish so it will last longer. I would have been happy just to not chip the day after, but I don't get chips for at least two days. It's not that I'm unusually hard on my hands, I think I'm just a problem lifter =\ Anyways, that's all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blue Friday mani

Yes, I know. It's Saturday. I totally meant to blog yesterday at work, but I got distracted watching True Blood then trying to find episode 7 >.> So here's yesterday mani.

I started off with 3 coats of OPI's Sahara Sapphire. This is a beautiful, cool periwinkle blue frost that you don't see too often. It's very soothing and easy on the eyes and not in-your-face. Definitely a one of a kind in my collection. Topcoated with SV.

To complete this simple look, I added one layer of Silver Shatter and topcoated a second time. It created a subtle and pretty look that I wished I had tried when I first saw it suggested.

A few days ago, I saw a 31 day challenge (for nails lol) posted on Nail Polish & Gossip on Facebook. I looked over the list and figured what the heck. However, I am gonna put my own twist on it by A) doing one every other or every 2 days and B) using a random number generator to choose what I do. There's only one on the list that I KNOW I can't do, but I switched it out to something I've wanted to try. Here's a look at the list-

1) Red nails
2) Orange nails
3) Yellow nails
4) Green nails
5) Blue nails
6) Violet nails
7) Black + white nails
8) Metallic nails
9) Rainbow nails
10) Gradient nails
11) Polka dot nails
12) Stripes
13) Animal print
14) Flowers
15) Delicate print
16) Tribal print
17) Glitter
18) Half moons
19) Galaxies
20) Water marbled (I SUCK at water marbelling, so this is gonna be dry marbelling)
21) Inspired by a color
22) Inspired by a song
23) Inspired by a movie
24) Inspired by a book
25) Inspired by fashion
26) Inspired by a pattern
27) Inspired by artwork
28) Inspired by a flag
29) Inspired by the supernatural
30) Inspired by a tutorial
31) RECREATE YOUR FAVORITE CHALLENGE!! This one will definitely be done last.

As you can see, some won't be very difficult at all to do; others may give me fits :P Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Hello all! I hope you all are having a great day! So far, soo good for myself :P Let's jump right to today's mani!

This is a new-to-me polish from the sweet Red Stewart. She sent Flower to Flower from OPI. Now I know, this was only from last year's collection, but I didn't grab while I could, especially since I had the other 3. This is an odd shade of pink. It's almost what I'd call bubblegum pink, but it has a bit of a gold flash/shimmer to it. The formula is weird, too. It wants to be a jelly, since in my pics it's 3 coats, but it's not quite....... jelly. It's hard to explain. If you have this color, you know what I mean! I did the three coats of this pretty color at work, so by the time I got home to take pics, rain was threatening. Topped with SV since I wasn't done.....

I like this on its own, it's very pretty, but I had other plans for it. I pulled my Color Club Art Club nail art lacquer and grabbed a couple different sized dotting tools and went to town. I got the nail art lacquer at Sally's and the "dotting" tools (sold as embossing tools) at Michaels; they were sold as a set for pretty cheap. Here's my end result:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A touch of fall

This is mani I was sporting yesterday. I really love how it looked, I just wish it didn't get me fits AND had lasted longer, but I think that was my fault. Let's start with the base color......

I began this mani with 2 coats of Road House Blues from OPI's fall/winter collection. To my (very small) disappointment, this is more of a "blurple" than a true navy blue. It doesn't bother me too much, it just wasn't what I was expecting. The color went on very nicely but a few nails did need a third coat for full opacity.

Now, I really should have left this mani at that, but no. I had to add a coat of I Juggle...Men........ yeah >.< I have come to the conclusion that IJM is just a pain in the ass to work with. I did this mani over twice because it caused horrible shrinkage, and that was by itself. On the third try, I topcoated with SV and let that completely dry before applying IJM. I still got a teeny bit of shrinkage but it wasn't too bad. It looked really pretty....... until I got to work and I started getting chips -.- I think this was my fault for having done the mani over so many times. Next time, I'll know better. Here's how it looked.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oops, a repeat for Pink Wednesday!

My bad! I try every Wednesday to put up something different, new, or untried for me. Well, I honestly thought the mani I did for today was that :P That'll teach me to look at my previous posts lol.

I wanted something bright and pretty, since Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer (you wouldn't know it here xD). I am more than ready for fall weather and clothes. However, it's been so dreary and rainy, it's depressing. So I picked OPI's Be a Dahlia Won't You?, it's such a pretty pink. Two coats of this and let it air dry.

Then one coat of I Lily Love You and two of SV. What I didn't notice before is ILLY dries dull, kinda strange. And unless you like your polish feeling rough, you absolutely need 2 coats, or more, of your chosen topcoat.

Next up is a quick pic of my pedi. I picked one of my new ones, Orly's Rock-it from the Mineral FX collection. I love this!! It's a sparkly, raspberry red with flashes of pink. It's very similiar to OPI's The One That Got Away, but more red than TOTGA.

Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's time a bit of vampyness

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope you all are having fun and staying safe! Hubs and I didn't have anything special planned, so it's just a chill and relax weekend. The mani I did was one of those, slap-it-on-just-to-cover-the-nails kind. I wanted to do something dark, since yeah, it's September, but fall won't even put in an appearance until October at the earliest. I picked Black Cherry Chutney from OPI; it's about my darkest color, aside from Black Onyx. Two coats for full opacity, topped with SV. It's nearly impossible to catch the shimmer on camera, but believe, it's a dark shimmery red.

Ok, now for a little bragging. The best part about this weekend........ my Jeep got fixed!!!! I'll finally be able to go back to work this coming week, which is awesome. I think I needed the extra time to let my knees heal up more from my fall, but damn. It's been pretty close to two months since the Jeep broke down. I have great parents, who loaned me the money to get the part needed for the repair =D My other brag are these:

I found some good sales between this weekend and last. The Orlys were $7.99 each at Sally's, the two OPI lacquers were BOGO at JCP, and the SV were BOGO free (buy the top coat, get the base free) at Sally's as well. Then I found:

The Sinful Colors is dead on dupe for OPI's Last Friday Night. The Orly minis are Candy Cane Lane (assuming that was a Christmas collection). Annnnnd, Revlon's dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance, Facets of Fuschia. It's spoken for :) Have a great weekend!