Thursday, March 27, 2014

If you don't like Crackles....

I suggest you not look at tonight's post! :P

Good evening!

I've always liked the look of bright/neon polish with white Shatters/Crackles layered over them. I have done it before, but not in quite a while.

I started with a base of China Glaze's White on White, one coat. Over that went 3 coats of Splish Splash, also from China Glaze. I could have done with just two coats, but a third looked much better. Over that went Seche, a coat of Lightning Bolt, and another coat of Seche.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More brights!!

Good afternoon and welcome to Wednesday! Hopefully, you're like me, and halfway through your work week :) I managed to skate out a little early today, so I thought I would put that to good use and make a post for today and yesterday's manis.

Today's mani was inspired by this pic I came across in one of my Face Book groups:

I thought it would look pretty awesome on the nail, so I thought I would it a shot. The colors I used were China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic and Liquid Leather, topped with Seche then matted with ChG's Matte Magic.

I'm completely blown away at well this gradient turned out, I'm very proud of it :)

For Tuesday, I busted out my much sought after Salon Perfect Kaboom. I layered a coat of that over 3 coats of ChG's Highlight of my Summer, then topped with Seche.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday blahs.....

Good afternoon! I certainly hope the rest of you having a great day :P Me, I hate Mondays, and today's weather is certainly not helping. It's been cloudy and rainy and just all around sucktastic. We need it the rain, since we in our brush fire season, but still. At least make me think I'm gonna enjoy today lol!

It's pretty much been spring here since January; we had practically no winter, which is just wrong, in my opinion. I've been wanting to bust out my brights and neons, but I made myself wait until spring had "officially" arrived, and it did as of last Thursday. Yes, I know, I should wear what I want whenever, but I also kind feel some things are just seasonal. Maybe I'm just weird that way :)

To kick my brights wearing, I chose a color that I have but haven't given much love to, Zoya Charisma. Charisma is what I call a neon magenta. I layered 3 coats of that over one coat of Zoya Purity and topped it with Seche. Since I chose to sit out Stamping Sunday, I stamped this mani instead. The image comes from my MJ JR-8 plate, stamped in China Glaze's White on White. Topped with Seche again, then matted with OPI's Matte coat.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Good evening!

Whew! It's been a helluva week >.> One I am definitely glad to see the end of. I won't go into it, because it's moot now, but yeah. 

I have several manis to show, all of them featuring Zoya colors :) First up is yesterday's Texture Friday mani. For that, I used two of Zoya's new Magical Pixie colors, Cosmo and Vega. I fully expected these to be rough, but not as rough as they are for me. I adore the colors, though. Two coats each for this mani.

Since Thursday was the first day spring (everywhere else in the US), I did up a bright colored mani. The base was three coats of Cole, a coat of Maisie, then topped with Seche. I stamped over it using Bundle Monster BM-H10 and Myrta, then topped it all with Seche.

Wednesday was a two toned, purple mani featuring Danni and Hudson, two coats each with a coat of Seche.

Tuesday was a pretty in pink mani with Dot and Monet. Dot was 3 coats, then a coat of Seche. Since I had read that Monet was thick and difficult to work with, I decided it would be better to sponge it on. Another coat of Seche followed the sponging.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Good evening and happy St. Patrick's Day!! Did y'all wear green, or did you risk getting pinched? :P I did, and not just on my nails lol. My dad thought he had me, but I'm too smart for that! Lol

So here's what I did for my nails. I actually really love how they turned out. On my thumbs and ring fingers, I painted two coats of Zoya Josie, then a coat of Zoya Opal, then Seche. On the other fingers, on went two coats of Zoya Neely, then Seche. I then used Saran Wrap and "sponged" on Josie. I stamped over all nails using Messy Mansion plate MM 04 and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, and topped everything with Seche.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Good evening!

I've got a couple manis to show you this evening, starting with today's Stamping Sunday challenge. Today's theme was, simply, St. Patrick's Day.

The base for this mani is two coats of Zoya's Brooklyn (which is the first of many Zoyas for this week), then a coat of Seche. Stamping was done with Messy Mansion MM 04 and Ulta The Jungle Look, topped with Seche.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a wedding to go to. The dress I bought for it was in a color called deep orchid. Basically, it's this gorgeous magenta color that I fell in love with. I don't normally go all matchy matchy with my manis and outfits, but, well, it happened.

This gave me the opportunity to use Zoya Mason. It wasn't an exact match, but that was all right. Two coats of Mason, a coat of Seche, then stamped over using Mo You Kitty collection 01 and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, then another coat of Seche.

And, finally Texture Friday's mani :) This featured the only other red texture polish I now own, OPI's Magazine Cover Mouse from last year's Minnie Mouse collection. It's not what I would call a true red, though; it reminds me of the color you find on the inside of a strawberry, with a touch of gold shimmer. Two coats for opacity and done.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Good evening!

Yay, the week is almost over! It's been a bit rough, as I've had a few restless nights' sleep. Hopefully, that will resolve itself soon :) I have several manis I want to show off, so let's get started!

For #throwbackthursday, I picked what I think is the first OPI I bought nearly ten years ago, Blue My Mind. It's well loved, with less than half the bottle left. I love the color, always have, it's one of my favorite shades. My mani was 2 coats of BMM, a coat of Seche, a coat of White Shatter, and another coat of Seche.

My mani for Wednesday featured one the new colors from Zoya's Awaken collection. I used Dillon in a gradient over 2 coats of Wednesday, topped with Seche.

Tuesday, I wore a fabulous new holo from Colors by Llarowe. Orchids are Better Than Roses Any Day was released for Valentine's Day, and was brought back a few weeks ago. I managed to snag it and boy, am I happy I did. It's gorgeous, that's all I can say. Two coats for opacity and topped with Seche.

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, I gave my mom a pedi with Zoya Taylor. I was very impressed with the opacity and non streakieness of the color, so much so that I had try on myself. Taylor nearly matches my skintone, so I had to make it standout a little. Enter in a new glitter from OPI's Spotlight on Glitters collection, Rose of Light. Two coats of Taylor, one coat of Rose of Light, one coat of Seche.

And, last but not least, is Sunday's baby shower nails! On the thumbs and ring fingers, I did a water marble with Zoya Malia, Purity, and Josie, over 2 coats of Purity. On the others, I applied 2 coats of Jindie Nails' Betti's Fetti Milkshake, then a coat of Seche. I stamped over that using BM H-21 and OPI's Miss You-niverse, then topped completely with Seche.