Saturday, May 7, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- floral

Good evening and happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) Mine's rather busy, with one day down and one to go lol. Today was my niece's second birthday party, then tomorrow is Mother's Day.

This week's 40gnai prompt was floral. I used the gorgeous ILNP Peace and Atlantis for my base, with stamping from UberChic 1-02 in MdU copper.

Floral Inlinkz-

Saturday, April 30, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- 3 shades of red/orange

Good morning and happy Saturday!

Here is this week's 40GNAI mani. The main prompt was using 3 shades of red/orange; my personal prompt was fan brush nail art. This is my second attempt at using a fan brush for nail art. My first attempt was 2 and a half years ago, and rather disasterous.

For the 3 shades of red/orange, I used the following China Glaze colors-

None of Your Risky Business
Red-y to Rave
Hot Flash
White on White (base color for the fan brush)

Let just say this, the photo IS NOT color accurate. I think the colors freaked out my phone's camera, especially Risky Business. It's much more orange than it appears to be.

3 shade of red/orange Inlinkz-

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Saturday

Good evening and happy Saturday!

Let's get down to the manis! Yesterday's mani was already posted, so on to Thursday's, it was one for Earth Day. I did a gradient of blue and green, using Colors by Llarowe Bananas and Krispy Kremes are Better than HBO and KP.

For #watermarblepracticewed, that prompt was also Earth Day. Again, I used blue and green, even if it doesn't look like. The colors nearly blended together lol. I used Fair Maiden Bisous and Santorini Bikini, over China Glaze White on White.

Tuesday's mani was a combined prompt mani. One prompt was green, the other is gold stars. The green is DIFFERENT dimensions Accept Understand Love from this month's The Holo Hookup box. The gold stars are actually bronze and are from DRK A3.

Monday's mani was inspired by some beautiful tulips my hubs bought for me last weekend. It fit the prompt for an IG challenge. The base was Saran Wrap mani of China Glaze White on White, Red-y to Rave, and Hot Flash. The tulips are from FUN 14, stamped in MdU black. Matted with China Glaze Matte Magic.

Another flower prompt mani! This was created with Lilypad Lacquer Lemony, which is a lovely yellow with a subtle linear holo, and UberChic 1-02 in MdU white.

That previous week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt was April showers. I drew inspiration from wind currents, storm churned waters, and dark skies. The base was ILNP Blue Steel, with Zoya Lake and OPI Nail Envy for the water marble.

That Tuesday's mani wasn't a challenge prompt one, so I kept it simple. The base color was Different Not Less from Bliss Polish, my first from that indie. It's such a beautiful blue. I stamped little kitties over it from Mo You London Kitty 15, in MdU white.

I did that week's PAA Mani Monday prompt, shades of grey, combined with a birds challenge prompts. The grey base was Colors by Llarowe Beat It. I don't have many birds images, oddly enough; the only one I have is on Bundle Monster 614. I stamped it in MdU light grey.

Almost done! That Sunday's mani was a combined prompt mani, too. Prompts were neon and floating hearts. Colors used were China Glaze White on White, and DIFFERENT dimension Boogie, Psyche, and Full Spectral. The hearts are from DRK A3, stamped in MdU black.

Last one! It was for a mint green prompt, and I couldn't resist using this color again. It's so beautiful, I just love it. It's Cirque Colors Mint Chip.

Friday, April 22, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- animals

Good evening!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening, and is looking forward to the weekend :)  Me, I'm just glad the week is over; it was nothing but a comedy of errors lol.

So, on to today's mani. This week's theme for 40gnai was animals. In the wake of the death of an incredibly talented musician, I couldn't not honor him in some way, although I plan on doing so again in the very near future. So, I combined both things and ended up with this mani.

The two colors I used were Colors by Llarowe When Doves Cry and Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun. I don't Purple Rain..... yet, so went with Ghouls. The colors themselves were to honor Prince. The stamping was for 40gnai. It was from UberChic Furry Best Friends, stamped in MdU black.

Animals Inlinkz-

Sunday, April 17, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- pink and lilac

Good evening!

Yes, I know, I'm a few days late with this. I really debated on posting this, because I was not happy with how it turn out. I think I should have done something different, because my colors blended together too much in the water marble. All the colors I used were China Glaze- White on White, Let's Jam, and I'll Pink to That. My personal prompt was 3d/embellished. I don't really care for embellishments or 3d art on myself; my nails are too curvy for most to lay right. The studs I used were from Born Pretty.

Pink and lilac Inlinkz-

Monday, April 11, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- kids' TV

Good morning!

Last week's 40gnai prompt was kids' TV. I almost skipped out on this because I was drawing an absolute blank on it. We don't have kids, so I don't really pay attention to that sort of thing, and I don't have much in the of stamping plates for I used to watch as a child. I had to kind of wing it lol.

I settled on being inspired by Barbie Fairytopia and Tinkerbell, which were both either shows or direct-to-DVD movies. I didn't do everything I wanted to for this mani, but I ran out of time that night ad I was tired. The base color is ILNP Skyscraper, which is just gorgeous. All the stamping images are from Marianne Nails 11, 58, and 59, stamped in MdU.

Kids' TV Inlinkz-

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

So damn busy!!

Good afternoon, and happy hump day!

Ugh, so, yeah, been pretty busy lately. I was sick the week before last, then trying to play catch after that. This week, things seem to be settling down a little bit, finally. Lots of catching up to do! Let's get started!

First is today's mani, which I am so proud of. It's for this week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt, over a gradient base. This is the first time I have done this, and I really like how it turned out. I only did accent fingers, because I just didn't have enough time last night to make a whole mani out of it. Here's what I used-

China Glaze-
      White on White
      Splish Splash
      Hang Ten-toes
      Orange You Hot?
      Matte Magic

OPI- Nail Envy

Wet 'N Wild- Black Creme

Yesterday's mani was for #clairestelle8april water prompt. I chose to do a sunlight on water look, and CbL Amoebas Contain Tiny Spacemen was the perfect base for it. The stamping came from Sugar Bubbles 021, stamped in MdU sky blue.

Monday's mani was for three different challenges, PAA Mani Monday and two other IG challenges. The prompts were mint/pink, pastels, and dandelions. In last week's nail mail, I got the color I used for my base. I absolutely had to have when I saw the name. It's called Mint Chip, from Cirque Colors, which is my favorite kind of ice cream, as well mint/chocolate candy. I had to really scramble to find a dandelion image; turns out, I only have one lol, and it's one Nailz Craze 01. Stamped it in MdU barbie, then matted with Wet 'N Wild matte topcoat.

On Sunday, we went to see the replicas of Columbus' ships, the Nina and Pinta. It was so cool, I love doing this sort of thing. The weather was beautiful, and it was just a great day :) On my nails was the beautiful Cyngus Loop from ILNP. I could not capture all the colors it shifts through, but I managed a few.

Last Friday's mani is already posted, so on to last Thursday. I did an IG challenge prompt that day, which turned out more subtle than I intended. My base color outshone my stamping lol. The prompt I did was cherry blossoms, so for my base, I used ILNP Dream Girl. Such a beautiful color! The cherry blossoms that don't show up very well, are from Bundle Monster 716, stamped in MdU chocolate.

I flubbed last week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt. I was supposed to use a charm or gems or some 3d stuff for it, but totally spaced it when I topcoated. Here's what I used, it was all OPI-

Alpine Snow
I Manicure for Beads
Spare me a French Quarter?
Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

This also came out darker than I was planning, but I kinda liked it :)

Last Tuesday, I had an impulse to used one of my beloved Crackles over a neon base. I know, I know, not everyone likes them, but I do, so deal :P I started with a gradient, neon base, then added the Crackle once it was dry. I used the following China Glaze colors-

White on White
You Drive me Coconuts
That's Shore Bright
Lightning Bolt

For last week's PAA Mani Monday, I did the prompt black, and took some liberty with it. For my base, I used the super bright, ultra glowy Pink! Rock Candy by Glisten & Glow from the March 2016 Holo Hookup box. This pink is ridiculously gorgeous! I stamped black butterflies over it from Lesly 120 in MdU black.

That Sunday was Easter, so I had to egg nails, of course, and this fit with all the Easter themed challenges I had that day. The base was DIFFERENT dimension Blue Raspberry Airhead, and I stamped over that with Messy Mansion 08 in MdU barbie.

The previous Friday's mani has been posted, so on to that Thursday. That was a challenge prompt day, prompt being chicks. That was the weeks I was sick, so I didn't do many fancy manis. OPI Show us Your Tips for the base, with the chicks stamped in MdU yellow, from Messy Mansion 08.

I skipped out on that week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt, and chose to do an Easter bunny one from a different challenge. I bought the new Winstonia plate, A Very Bunny Day, and got it the week before that one. This gave me the chance to try out the fine, bunny images. The blue bases were OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys and China Glaze Don't Shallow. I used MdU navy for the stamping.

That Tuesday's prompt was Easter eggs. I chose to a gradient with Easter egg-like designs stamped over them. The gradient was nice. I used China Glaze colors for it-

Sweet Hook
White on White
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
Don't be Shallow 

And Zoya Tiana

The stamping could have been straighter, but I dealt with that. No, what pissed me off what MdU Mexican pink smearing, as usual -_- Not that they looked horrible but I knew. Oh, the plate I used was the new Winstonia.

And, finally, that Monday's mani. It was a combined challenge mani, one of them being Easter. This had a gradient base, using CbL High School was Rough Man and Fair Maiden Now & Later. The stamped images were from Winstonia 212, stamped in MdU silver.