Zoya Swatches

Since my Zoya count is growing, I decided it was time to move them to their own page :)

Madison- ZP354, Spa Essentials, 5 coats. Pinkish nude that's great for Frenches, but is streaky as shit.

Gie Gie- ZP651, Lovely, 3 coats. This is a true cherry blossom shimmer with that wet look that's so popular. It's very different from Shelby, which is more blue toned. This is lighter and very springy.

Shelby- ZP616, Beach & Surf, 3 coats. Cherry blossom pink creme, absolutely perfect for spring. For some reason, the cremes in this collection just do not want to go opaque or not streak for me in less than 3 coats. I think it may be because they are so pigmented and a little thicker than other cremes I own.

Rory- ZP620, Beach & Surf, 2 coats. Lovely pink foil that's almost a 1 coater, but not quite.

Katy- ZP480, Oh-la-laa, 2 coats. This is a fun, bright pink shimmer. In some lightning, you see blue flashes in the shimmer.

Reagan- ZP614, Beach & Surf, 2 coats. This berry pink creme applied nicely in two coats. Very similar to OPI's Ate Berries in the Canaries and Dim Sum Plum. Need to do comparison swatches :P

Star- ZP256, Jewels, 2 coats. I. Love. This. Color. It's very similiar to my beloved Santiago Sangria.

Tinsley- ZP671, Irresistible, 3 coats. Ok, can I say how much I love love LOVE this rose gold foil!! I absolutely adore it! I have nothing else like it. Tinsley is very unique to me.

Belle- ZP9001, Birchbox Blogger Trio, 4 coats. This is a very pretty, shimmery pink you could wear alone, layered over the other two in the collection, or over other colors! It extremely versatile.

Kate- ZP9002, Birchbox Blogger Trio, 4 coats. Grapefruit pink jelly, it reminds me alot of ruby red grapefruit. Very juicy and vibrant!

Bobbi- ZP672, Irresistible, 2 coats. This is another unique colored pink to me. It's a pink foil with tiny gold flakies in it.

Dita- ZP475, La Di Da, 2 coats. Very pretty watermelon pink. I have nothing else like it in my stash. Perfect color for summer.

Alegra- ZP510, Sparkle, 3 coats. This is very similiar to OPI's Let me Entertain You. It's a pink jellyish base packed with pink glitter. It's not quite the same color, but close enough to it to prolly satisfy a lemming.

Paloma- ZP639, Gloss, 4 coats. Dark berry pink jelly.

Sooki- ZP552, Summertime collection, 2 coats. I'm very glad this was my first Zoya. I have so many good things to say about it. First, application is like a dream, it applies as smooth as silk. Second, this color in particular was almost opaque in ONE coat. Coverage is awesome. It has jellylike qualities but is definitely not a jelly. The only bad thing I have to say is how long it takes to dry, even with SV.

Elisa- ZP632, Divas, 2 coats. Lit from within, true red shimmer

Sarah- ZP535, Flame collection, 2 coats. A shimmery strawberry red. In the bottle, it appears to have a golden shimmer to it, but it does not translate to the nail at all.

Blaze- ZP641, Ornate, 2 coats. A cool toned burgundy pack with irregular sized holo glitter.

Jem- ZP575, Smoke and Mirrors collection, 2 coats. Jem, who I bought just for the name alone lol, is a beautiful, dark red violet that appears purple in some lighting.

Arizona- ZP617, Beach & Surf, 3 coats. Pretty light orange creme, it too needs 3 coats to have no streaks and to be opaque.

Sharon- ZP9007, Peter Som, 3 coats. A slightly darker orange creme than Arizona. This one doesn't stain as much as Arizona, though.

Lianne- ZP447, Chit Chat, 3 coats. Shimmery, lighter orange. I was a little disappointed with how sheer this color is, but she makes up for it with how pretty she. I love that the shimmer is orange and not gold. Very wearable color with my skintone.

Coraline- ZP9003, Birchbox Blogger Trio, 4 coats. This color, along with the other two, were created as part Birchbox's Blogger contest. Coraline is a tangerine jelly that is just hot for summer. You can wear her so many different ways :)

Thandie- ZP664, Stunning, 3 coats. An almost coral colored orange creme. In the bottle, it appears to have a shimmer to it, but once it's on the nail, it's just a creme.

Amy- ZP670, Irresistible, 2 coats. Bright orange foil with tiny gold flakies in it. Very different from Myrta.

Myrta- ZP623, Beach & Surf, 2 coats. This is not as red as my pics make it. Myrta is more of a sunset orange foil than coral.

Piaf- ZP652, Lovely, 3 coats. This is a strange yellow for me. It's kind of a mustard yellow, but it's lighter than mustard, and it's lighter and a shimmer. I like it, it's just different.

Kerry- ZP684, Irresistible, 3 coats. Bright, golden yellow foil with tiny gold flakies in it. It really looks like gold on the nail :)

Pippa- ZP479, La Di Da, 4 coats. Pretty, banana yellow creme. Like most yellows, it need 4 thin coats to be opaque and not streaky. I don't mind though, because I love the color. It's not a bright, in-your-face banana yellow, it's softer.

Darcy- ZP663, Stunning, 3 coats. It's darker and more golden than Pippa.

Wednesday- ZP619, Beach & Surf, 3 coats. Seafoam green creme. This stains!!

Zuzu- ZP625, Beach & Surf, 2 coats. This really just a foil version of Wednesday. It's a tad darker but that's about it. I don't mind, as they're both pretty.

Fei Fei- ZP636, Divas, 3 coats. I think this the lovechild of Noel and Crystal lol. You really could wear it alone, but you could layer it too. It reminds of Belle from the Birchbox set.

Noel- ZP581, Gems & Jewels, 3 coats. I was really disappointed in this color. After seeing so many swatches of Noel, I expected her to be more blue and less gold shimmer. Don't get me wrong, she's still pretty, but definitely not what I expected color wise. My pics show her more blue than she really is.

Neely- ZP655, Lovely, 2 coats. To me, this is a true, clean mint green. No hint of blue in it whatsoever. I love it!

Josie- ZP667, Stunning, 2 coats. Pretty, dusty, grass green creme.

Rikki- ZP674, Stunning, 2 coat. Light green foil with the tiny gold flakies in it that this collection has.

Ivanka- ZP507, Sparkle, 3 coats. Bright green foil.

Giovanna- ZP680, Satin, 2 coats. Bright, jewel toned, blue leaning green shimmer. Bit of a stainer.

Suvi- ZP417, Downtown collection, 3 coats. Suvi was surprisingly sheer for such a dark color, but is worth the 3 coats it took. I'm not a huge fan of green polish in general, but Suvi isn't like most other greens out there. She's a gorgeous dark emerald green that's easy for me to pull off.

Cynthia- ZP568, Smoke and Mirrors collection, 3 coats. Zoya describes Cynthia as a blackened teal, and they aren't joking. She's a dark teal that's unique to my collection, and I don't think I've seen one offered by anyone else. This one, too, also took 3 coats for opacity.

Frida- ZP640, Gloss, 4 coats. Teal green jelly.

Blu- ZP653, Lovely, 3 coats. Gorgeous light blue creme. Definitely not like my other light blue cremes.

Kristen- ZP591, Feel, 3 coats. Light blue-grey. My pics show it to look more like OPI's What's With the Cat-itude?, but it's not. It's definitely more grey.

Yummy- ZP403, Candy, 2 coats. Lighter, true blue creme that's surprisingly not horribly streaky.

Rocky- ZP668, Stunning, 2 coats. It's kind of like a lighter, dustier version of Robyn. It's very pretty!

Robyn- ZP513, Flash, 3 coats. When you think of a bright, blue summer sky, this is the color you see. It's so cheery and pretty.

Breezi- ZP557, Summertime, 3 coats. Very similiar to OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui and Ogre-the-Top Blue. It's not as dusty as SSFS or as bright as OTTB, but it is in the same family as them. I really need to do comparison swatches of these three lol.

Tallulah- ZP481, Ooh La Laa, 2 coats. The perfect bright electric blue, in my opinion. This is perhaps my favorite blue, at least from Zoya, lol!

Tart- ZP402, Candy, 3 coats. This is Tallulah's other darker, older sister :)

Song- ZP634, Divas, 2 coats. Song is, like, Tallulah's older, darker sister. No joke. This color is just stunning!

Jo- ZP469, Twist, 3 coats. First off, this is not as blue as my pics show!! Not even close! I don't know why they show that, but they do. Jo is more muted, like a blue grey shimmer. Zoya describes Jo as a medium periwinkle blue, which pretty acurate.

Hazel- ZP673, Irresistible, 2 coats. Silvery, light blue foil with tiny gold flakies.

Kotori- ZP416, Downtown, 3 coats. Blackened, blue shimmer. It starts off sheer, but builds nicely.

Sailor- ZP696, Cashmere, 2 coats. Very pigmented, dusty navy blue creme.

Neve- ZP679, Satin, 2 coats. Vibrant blurple shimmer.

Ibiza- ZP491, Dare collection, 2 coats. Dark blue shimmer that's not entirely unique for my collection, but this particular shade is.

Julie- ZP650, Lovely, 3 coats. Light purple with silvery shimmer. Also has that wet look like Gie Gie and Piaf.

Malia- ZP470, Twist, 2 coats. Light, red toned purple creme. I've used this color A LOT lately, it's just perfect for summer.

Danni- ZP537, Intimate, 2 coats. Danni is Malia's wild, foil cousin. They really the same red toned purple, it's just Danni is a foil and Malia is a creme.

Charisma- ZP215, Classics, 3 coats. Bright, neon purple creme, the only neon that Zoya has available currently I believe. Dries matte like most all other neons.

Nimue- ZP570, Smoke and Mirros, 3 coats. Silvery purple frost.

Lotus- ZP590, True, 3 coats. Slighty dusty purple with ultra fine fuschia glitter in it.

Carly- ZP621, Beach & Surf, 2 coats. Carly is the oddball in this collection, being the darkest color. Gorgeous grape purple foil.

Suri- ZP633, Divas, 2 coats. Love love love this this blue toned purple! Totally unique in my stash.

Purity- ZP388, Extreme, 2 coats. This is the ONLY stark white that I like. It's not nearly as much as a bitch to apply to some white I know.

Trixie- ZP387, Extreme collection, 2 coats. Definitely not unique in my collection, Trixie is beautiful silver foil you can also use to stamp with. But hey, I never denied being a sucker for silvers :P

Claudine- ZP690, Satin, 2 coats. Dark grey metallic with a golden shimmer.

Storm- ZP645, Ornate, 2 coats. Black base packed with irregular sized holo glitter.

Raven- ZP389, Extreme collection, 2 coats. I have been looking for a black like this for years literally. Raven is black with a subtle silver shimmer to it that is hard to catch on camera. Don't get me wrong, a flat black creme is great, but I love this look so much more.


Chloe- ZP584, Holographic Fleck Effect, 2 coats over Thandie.

Opal- ZP583, Holographic Fleck Effect, 2 coats over Josie.

Maisie- ZP582, Holographic Fleck Effect, 2 coats over Rocky.


Lolly- ZP560, Mod Mattes, 3 coats. Hot pink neon, no shimmer or anything else.

Mitzi- ZP559, Mod Mattes, 3 coats. Bright lime green.

Phoebe- ZP558, Mod Mattes, 4 coats. This color had me at the word go. First of all, it's blue. Second, it's matte. Third, if topcoat her, you see a lovely shimmer which gives Phoebe a different look. She does stain, so you might want to keep that in mind when chamging colors.

Savita- ZP504, Matte Velvets, 3 coats. Matte purple shimmer, the color reminds me of a darker, matte version of Zoya Danni.

Loredana- ZP498, Matte Velvet, 3 coats. Charcoal grey matte. This is another that, if you topcoat it, I believe it has a shimmer to it.

Dovima- ZP499, Matte Velvets, 2 coats. Dovima is a true, matte black shimmer, not charcoal grey like Loredana.

Pixie Dusts

Miranda- ZP682, Summer Pixie Dust, 3 coats. Beautiful, dark rose pink color. Has almost a foil like finish when dry.

Chyna- ZP657, Pixie Dusts, 3 coats. Lovely, red base packed with matching glitters. From the first set of Pixie Dusts released early 2013.

Beatrix- ZP677, Summer Pixie Dust, 3 coats. Creamsicle orange!! I love it.

Solange- ZP683, Summer Pixie Dust, 3 coats. A very yellow gold that I find very wearable. It's like liquid gold on the nail, it's so gorgeous. This one also looks foil like when dry.

Nyx- ZP660, Pixie Dust, 3 coats. Lighter, almost Wedgewood blue color with silver sparkles in it.

Liberty- ZP681, Summer Pixie Dusts, 3 coats. Blue base with blue glitters; prolly my fave (so far) of the textured blues I have. It does stain, so you'll want to be careful when removing Liberty.

Sunshine- ZP700, Fall Pixie Dusts, 2 coats. Despite the name, Sunshine is NOT yellow, it's a French blue xD 

Stevie- ZP675, Summer Pixie Dusts, 3 coats. Lighter purple base with matching and silver glitters. 

Carter- ZP701, Fall Pixie Dusts, 2 coats. This red toned purple is a bit on the thin side, formula wise.

Tomoko- ZP698, Fall Pixie Dusts, 2 coats. Champagne silver, according to Zoya, that's definitely more gold than silver. Foil like formula for this one.


  1. This post has been SO helpful for this year's Earth Year promo, thanks for putting it together!

  2. You're welcome, and thank you! I'm missing a bunch that I just haven't had time to properly swatch yet, but I hope I can remedy that this summer when work slows down :)

  3. So helpful to see actual swatches. Thanks!