Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

Good afternoon and happy hump day! :P

I hope today finds you all doing well. My week has been rather difficult, since about Wednesday last week, actually. I lost my sweet baby Merlyn, and have been having a hard time coping with her death. My main coping mechanism is BUYING ALL THINGS!!!, and I've had to really strive to keep that in check. Needless to say, zero fucks have been given to a lot these last several days. I'm starting to feel just okay now, but still am very sad.

I do have a few manis to show, a mix of challenge and just because. Today's mani is a challenge one for the 52 WPNMC. The themes were pastels and/or lilac and teal. I elected to do both and here is what I came up. A gradient using colors from Maybelline's Bleached Neons collection. Colors are Day Glow Teal, Coral Heat, and Ultra Violet sprinkled with China Glaze Fairy Dust. All over a base of Morgan Taylor's All White Now.

Inlinkz to other blogs doing this challenge:

Yesterday's mani was for the 30 Days of Colour Challenge. The options were matte and/or stamping. Of course, I picked both. My colors were China Glaze I Sea Your Point and Under the Boardwalk. Butterfly came from Marianne Nails no84, stamped with MdU white. Matted with China Glaze Matte Magic.

And yesterday's Inlinkz:

Monday was a challenge for Advanced Nail Stamping, a stamped pond manicure. I've attempted this before, without much success. I usually end up smearing my stamping because I wasn't topcoating the stamping, just add the jelly layer, then stamping. Got some advice, tried a new topcoat, and voila! Success this time! Orly Butterflies for the jelly, Marianne Nails no84 and MdU white again. Now, even though I had some peeling later that day, I really believe it was because I had at least 4 coats of Oh So Wet! on my nails, not because of the topcoat itself.

I totally skipped out on the Stamping Sunday challenge, and kinda half assed the mani I did for Saturday. I wasn't even going to do one, but I was supposed to go to a ladies' luncheon (which itself was kind of a mistake.....). It was a 30DoCC day, and the prompts with holo and/or water marble. I had intended to do both, but that didn't happen. I ended up with ILNP's Peri Me on my nails, and that was that.

Inlinkz for that:

Friday was truly a no fucks given day, even though I did make it a Textured Friday. My Merlyn was a black kitty, so it was only fitting that I chose a black texture to wear that. OPI Emotions was what I picked.

Thursday I stayed home and bawled my eyes out, so nothing for that.

Wednesday was another 30DoCC day. The prompts were animal print and/or glitter. I actually went with both, and loved what I came up with. Base color was Morgan Taylor's One Cool Cat. The glitter was also Morgan Taylor, Escar-Go to France. The animal print was from Vivid Lacquer VL 010, stamped in Mdu Lime.

And those Inlinkz:

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