Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sorry I've been away!

Good afternoon!

Sorry for the lack of posting for two weeks. I unintentionally took a break last week, because I was dealing with the death of an old, dear friend. It shook me up pretty bad, because he was my age and I had known him for two-thirds of my life. Very sad =\

So, now I have a back log of manis to show y'all. Grab your favorite drink and relax, and let's get started!

I have two manis featuring the same colors, today's and last Wednesday's. Yes, they're both water marble for the IG thing lol. I finally picked up the OPI Color Paints, minus Silver Canvas (because I have plenty of silvers....), and I really like them! They marble well, but I do need to try them for a gradient.

Today's prompt for #watermarblepracticewed was swirls. My swirls are definitely not..... swirly swirly, but I tried! I used every Color Paint color over Unfrost my Heart, also from OPI. Sorry for the crappy pic, I had a really hard time trying to capture this mani. 

Yesterday's mani was a prompt for the 52WPNMC, pale pink. I absolutely adore how this turned out! These were all OPI colors, also. Pink Friday, Worth a Pretty Penne, and Rose of Light. I did a gradient of Pink Friday and Worth a Pretty Penne first, then added Rose of Light.


For Monday's PAAManiMonday, I want something a little vampy. One of the prompts was summer fruits, so I went with it. My base color was OPI Black Cherry Chutney (get it....?). The stamped cherries were from Sugar Bubble 002, stamped in MdU Barbie.

Stamping Sunday has been suspended until next month, so I just picked something. I hadn't used Darling Diva Blue Diamond in quite a while, so that was my base. I picked an image from UberChic UC1-02 and stamped it in MdU silver.

No Textured Friday last week, because I had no new textures to show you :( I did have a new holo, though, Colors by Llarowe Pirates of Penzance. It's not super holo-y, but it is a pretty, glowy red with a subdued linear holo.

For last week's 52WPNMC, the prompt I picked with hot pink. Enter in Zoya Hayden.

It is brighter than my pic shows.

Inlinkz for that week:

Now for last Wednesday's water marble prompt, diagonal stripes. This was probably the easiest water marble I've ever done :P As I said earlier, all the Color Paints were used for this.

I didn't realize until last week I hadn't yet used Zoya Selene in a mani. On my toes, yes, but not on my fingers. I quickly rectified that. This is Selene with butterflies from UC 1-02 in silver.

I regard last Monday's PAAManiMonday a fail for me. The prompt I picked with pink and gold. It looked so much better in my head than on the nail, I should have stuck with my original idea -_- This is Zoya Brooke with China Glaze Tarnished Gold.

Last Sunday was the last Stamping Sunday prompt, inspirational words. I chose happy :) The base is Colors by Llarowe Meet me Over the Rainbow Bridge. The images are from Messy Mansion MM50 and UC 1-02, in MdU black.

And lastly, my last Textured Friday mani. This is Free Fall from Formula X for Sephora.

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