Sunday, February 7, 2016

Need to catch up x.x

Good morning!

I swear, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day, or I just need more energy to accomplish the things I want to do XD This is great, big catching up post, so bear with me. Nearly all these manis are for one IG nail art challenge or another. Unfortunately, I didn't write down which was what, and I don't remember them all, but if you want to sneak a peek, check out my IG. I have all that info on each photo. Now, on the manis!

I do remember that yesterday's mani was for #clairestelle8feb challenge; the prompt was the decade I love. My favorite decade is the 80's. I spent all my childhood and preteen years in the 80's. I do wish I got to see them through older eyes; I feel like there's so much I missed lol.

The base for this mani is China Glaze UV Meant to Be. The stamping colors are neons blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange from MdU, and the images are from myonlineshop Jr. 20. Matted with Wet 'N Wild's matte topcoat.

Friday's mani is already posted, so on to Thursday's. It was a broken hearted theme for #nailartchallengefeb. I don't think I quite nailed, but I was kinda lacking inspiration for it. The base was DIFFERENT dimension Ships Ahoy!, which is a beautiful, sparkly blue holo. I wish I could have captured the holo-ness, but the weather has not been cooperative when I've worn holos. The stamped images are for Bundle Monster 411 and 421, and myonlineshop Jr. 20, stamped in MdU black.

#watermarblepracticewed's prompt, over a glitter base, was combined with another IG challenge, #glamnailschallengefeb, prompt, pink. For my glitter and pink base, I picked a Pixie Dust, Zoya Arabella. My water marble is a little hard to see, at least the grey is. That's Zoya Geneviev. The clear is OPI Nail Envy.

Tuesday was another prompt for #clairestelle8feb; it was book/movie you love. Well, I chose a book that's also a movie I love- Memoirs of a Geisha. Both are beautifully done, even though they are not quite the same. I enjoyed both of them equally. The base for this mani was OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!. The stamped images were from Sugar Bubbles 022, stamped in MdU black and brown.

PAA Mani Monday was combined with #nailartchallengefeb; the first being flowers, the other love letters. I did a Saran Wrap mani for my base, using OPI My Pal Joey and Rich Girls and Po-Boys. Yes, they are different enough that a blue lover like myself needs them lol. Stamped images are from UberChic 1-02, Chez Delaney Divers 001, and Messy Mansion 24, stamped in MdU white.

Last Sunday was the last prompt for January #clairestelle8jan. The prompt was daisies. My daisies were holo :P The base I used for this was DIFFERENT dimension Moonbeam, which is a jaw dropping rose gold. COLLECT ALL THE ROSE GOLDS!!! The daisies were from UberChic 1-02, stamped in MdU black. I know the off center, I did that intentionally :)

That Friday's mani was posted, so on to that Thursday's. It wasn't a challenge prompt day, so I keep it simple. It was a new to me brand, which I don't think this indie has been around very long, at least not making polishes anyways. I'm not sure, but I do know she makes some beautiful ones. I'm talking about My World Sparkles Lacquers. I picked up Black Opal. Black Opal is a black crelly filled with iridescent, different shaped glitters to give it a black opal look. I matted my mani with Wet 'n Wild's matte topcoat.

#watermarblepracticewed's prompt for that week was fishtail. I intentionally matched the colors of my shirt that day :P I used OPI Alpine Snow for the white base, and Mod About You, Suzi has a Swede Tooth, Angel With a Leadfoot, and You're Vain-illa for the marble.

And how I matched my shirt.

That Tuesday's mani was a prompt for #clairestelle8jan, stripes. The base was My Pal Joey, and the glitter on accents was Nails, Inc. Portobello Gardens. The wavy stripes were from UC 1-01, stamped in MdU pastel blue. Matteness thanks to Wet 'N Wild's matte topcoat.

PAA Mani Monday for January 25 was a non glitter topper, or something. I don't remember what, but I chose the non glitter topper. I kept it simple with Zoya Ireland and Gilty.

I went naked that entire week, so nothing to see unless you're into naked nubs :P On Thursday, the 21st. What I ended up with was not what I had planned. What I started out with was ruined, so I had to slap something on fast the next morning. No time for all the crap I normally do! Just a base coat and Zoya Phoebe, and done!

Coincidentally, I matched the pendant I wore that day :)

Last but not least, Wednesday the 20th's mani. Another simple one, Colors by Llarowe Winter's Day Night.

Whew! That's it!

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