Monday, September 24, 2012


Good morning!

Today I bring you more dupes of OPI's Katy Perry collection, this one being of Last Friday Night. The dupe in question is Sinful Colors' Hottie.

In the bottle, they look practically the same.

On the nail, though, not so much alike. I'm gonna be honest, here; I prefer Hottie over LFN and I'll tell you why. I've have bad luck with LFN. My bottle of it is thick and hard to work with, even after adding thinner to it. Because of this, it chips badly and fast. Hottie, on the other, is a thinner formula and easier to apply. It's also just a tad bluer and the glitter is finer than LFN's. Hottie, in my opinion, is the better value and it's still available while LFN is not. I also know some other brands have their own dupes of LFN as well.

Two coats each, no topcoat. LFN on index and ring fingers, Hottie on the other two.

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