Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Only 5 days left!!!

Good morning!!!

That's right, I have only 5 days left of my Nail Tech course!! Next Tuesday is officially my graduation day =D I'm absolutely thrilled!

It's hard to believe that these last several weeks are already coming to an end...... But I'm excited by the things to come and by the changes I've observed in myself along the way. I can't ever remember feeling as confidant about myself and my abilities as I do now. It's a wonderful feeling. As of yet, I don't have a job lined up but I do have a few leads. I do plan on continue blogging during the interim, and have a few special things planned in the near future, such as a whole month of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I also intend to swatch and post allllll the polish I've gotten, and believe me, I'm a little embarrassed by that :P

Thank you, my wonderful readers, for sticking around while I've been attending class. I'll be back posting, possibly as soon as next Wednesday! Laters!!

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