Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Challenge done!

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this fine Tuesday morning :) I am, and I also had a great weekend, I hope you did as well.

Well, I wrapped up the monthly challenge I was participating in and started with Valentine's manis on Sunday. I don't know, for some reason I'm not really feeling it this year, but I'm still plugging along with them. I love yesterday's mani, and I really love Sunday's before I stamped it.

Yesterday's mani was the traditional red mani, featuring KBShimmer's Whole Lava Lovin'. I love this red holo, it's the only I have felt the need to have. This mani only needed two easy coats, then was topped with Seche. I stamped over that with Mundo red and Fab Ur Nails 14. I wasn't sure how the red over red would look, but I loved it after it was topped. Subtle and very pretty.

Of course, leave it to me to want to wear a fabulous holo on a craptastic weather day so the holo won't show, even with a flash >.<

Stamping Sunday's challenge was, for obvious reason :P, was Valentine's nails. I decided that I wanted a bright water marble for the base. It was inspired by a water marble I remember seeing in a FB group I'm in, but I don't remember who, sorry! The colors used were all OPI:

Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?
My Dogsled is a Hybrid
I Just Can't Cope-cabana
Suzi Has a Swede Tooth

Marbled over 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow Matte. Honestly, I think I should have stopped with the water marble, because I thought is awesome, but nooooooo. Stamped I did. Mundo blue and Messy Mansion MM03, Seche, then OPI Matte Coat.

Friday was the last day I did for the 31 day challenge, and the prompt was inspired by a flag. I chose the flag of my not so distant ancestors, the st. Andrews flag of Scotland :) The is 2 coats of OPI No Room for the Blues, then Seche. Stamped image is from MJ XXIX and is stamped in Mundo white, then topped again with Seche.

Thursday's prompt was inspired by art. For this, I picked water color art. My base was OPI Alpine Snow Matte. To create the water color look, I used OPI's Sheer Tints, and just applied them randomly, then added a coat of Seche so I could stamp over. The tulips came from Fab Ur Nails 14 and were stamped in Mundo black.

Again, leave it to me to do something like this on a crappy day lol.

Wednesday's prompt was inspired by a pattern. I like my end result, but I do not like the base polish, which was from Sally Hansen's Velvet line. The color is called Velour, and it has got to be one of the weirdest polishes I've used. The formula was thick and kind of streaky, and the finish was.... strange. It was matte but it had a bit of a texture to it O.o Not what I was expecting. 

I wanted to stamp over this, so I topped it was Seche. The stamped image came from Sugar Bubbles 021 and the color used was Mundo Fiji. I love images like the one I used. Topped with Seche, then matted with Morgan Taylor's Mattes a Wrap.

When it came time to take this off, lemme tell you, it was a bitch. I've never had a matte, or texture, polish give me such a hard time with removal. This is not a keeper, for these reasons. The color is also very much like Zoya Mira, so I don't feel that I need to keep it. It's on its way out!

Tuesday's prompt was inspired by fashion. I knew a few weeks ago what I wanted to do for this :) I watch The Young & The Restless, and one of the female characters wore this beautiful, royal blue and black plaid dress.

My base color was 2 coats of China Glaze Frostbite, then Seche. The plaid stamp was from MJ XXIX, stamped in Mundo black. Seche, then China Glaze Matte Magic, which should be called Satin Magic, because it's definitely not matte. 

Ignore the crooked stamping :P I still struggle with placement and straightness lol. Overall, I was pretty happy with this.

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