Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Ombre for Pink Wednesday

I've been taking notice of this trend for quite awhile. It started some years ago, in clothing first. Then in last several months it went to hair trends. I myself managed to take part in that, although not intentionally. What happened was, as you can tell from my profile pic, my hair was black. I decided on New Year's to bleach that out and go red. Three bleachings later, I ended up with light blond (prolly close to my natural color) roots progressing to orangey red ends. When I colored it with the red I chose, it was ombre shaded. Looked really cool, too :P

Now this trend has moved to nail fashion. I've seen some very pretty combos, and decided to do this for Pink Wednesday. I chose 5 cremes: Alpin Snow, Got a Dat To-Knight!, Sparrow me the Drama, Shorts Story, and Dim Sum Plum, all from OPI. Except for DSP, I used 3 coats of each, mainly because I'm OCD about streaks in creme polishes. Please ignore the airbubble in 4 of my pics; I believe the only reason I got that was because of the butterfly on my ring finger xD

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