Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

So, I've been rather busy since my last post. It seemed like one thing after another, capping it all off with losing my internet Monday and not getting it back until yesterday afternoon -.- This was AFTER we had waited 3 MONTHS for the phone company to come bury the all important landline so we can use our internet. Yeah, not happy. I actually did today's mani on Monday night, because I had nothing better to do (hubby goes to bed early in order to be up early =/), so these are the pics.

I started off with 2 coats OPI's Shorts Story. Imo, this is THE Barbie pink. A very pretty medium pink, not too bright. I really think this a pink that would look good on anyone; I myself am very picky about the pinks I buy.

Apparently Photobucket is completely retarded today >.> In spite of my editing, it's cutting off a quarter of 3 pics, even after re-uploading and editing again. So on to the next.

Now, I've seen many complain about Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night chipping badly, even with Shatter/topcoat. I find that using a base color helps it last longer. Yes, I know they both are pretty on their own, but to reduce chipping, you might want to do that. I added one coat of Teenage Dream and one coat of Seche, because I was impatient and wanted to go to bed soon :P

Then Black Shatter and two more coats of Seche. I was really hoping to get the Silver Shatter over the weekend, but none of the stores/salons I checked had it yet. I ordered it from along with Mermaid's Tears and Sparrow me the Drama. Hopefully, I'll have that in a few days so I can get pics of it.

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