Saturday, August 13, 2011

Allow me to introduce to you.......

My newest red, Sooki from Zoya! This is my first color from Zoya, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I wasn't sure if the color itself would look good on me, since an odd shade of red for me. I figured even if it didn't, I'd keep it purely because I'm a Truebie <3. Thankfully, it does work with my skintone.

I read up a little on this color before I bought it; one review called it a jelly. I don't agree with that fully and I'll tell you why. First and most important, this color is almost opaque in one coat! I did two for my mani, but I could almost have gotten away with one. It's just not translucent enough to be a jelly. It IS shiney like a jelly without a topcoat. Also, it applied smooth as silk; I was really impressed with that. The only thing I don't like is the dry time. Even with SV as a topcoat, it took long to dry, but I've read that's common with Zoya.

On to the pics! Sorry for the blurriness of some of them, I honestly didn't know until long after I took them. As I said, this is two coats of Sooki topcoated with SV.

After that was dry, I grabbed my Scotch tape and taped them off at a diagnol. Then, I applied Midnight Cami from Essie. I love this blue; it has a touch of shimmer in it you can see in the pics. I've used it before in a tape mani, but not by itself.

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