Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, my......

First and foremost, today's post would not be possible if it weren't for the lovely Miss Red Stewart. Her and I swapped last month: 2 Out the Door Northern Lights for the beautiful polish I'm about to show you. Big warning!! This color is known to stain skin AND nails!!! There are many wonderful suggestions to do before applying color and when you take it off. So here goes!!

Step 1- Double basecoat of Nail Envy Maintance (which I always use before a mani!)- Check!!

Step 2- One layer of Dating a Royal- Check check!

Step 3- Two layers of Swimsuit ....Nailed it! from OPI and one layer of Poshe topcoat- Check!

Step 4- Apply Vaseline around the nail to prevent skin staining and remove polish cuticle to tip, not side to side- Have yet to remove this, so I will let you know how the Vaseline trick works!

On to the pics! It was Saturday evening when I took them, so the lighting isn't the best, but it shows the true color pretty well. I think this color replaced my all time favorite blue, Blue My Mind <3. I meant to blog about this color yesterday..... yeah, it got crazy so that didn't happen lol. As you can see in just about all the pics, I have some staining on my index finger from where I cleaned off a bit of polish. When you figure it was only on my finger for an hour, that's kinda O.o

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