Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Good morning and happy Sunday!!

Do you have a good Christmas? Get everything you wanted???

Hubs and I don't really exchange gifts on Christmas, we buy each things throughout the year :) My family did do a.... I guess it was a white elephant gift exchange, which was fun, it was the first time we did that. The last 9 years we've been drawing names. I ended up with a cool, power cell thing that acts as charger for my phone and Kindle Fire.

So, I have several manis to show you (duh :P). I think it's pretty safe to say, that until I get a different laptop or or other device, I'm only gonna be able to post once a week. I love my Chromebook, but not having Picassa on it (and yes, I know I can always use an app, but I'm familiar with Picassa and like it) slows me down, and I don't like tying up hubs' pc for my photo editing. BUT!!! You can follow me on IG, user name elfleidy, as I post my manis there pretty much daily. Now, on to the manis!!

Even though I didn't work Friday, and had no other reason really to do a mani, I did, and I used my other I Love Nail Polish Ultrachrome flakie, Cold Fusion. I layered two coats of it over two coats of OPI's Eurso...Euro and finished it with Seche. These pics are direct sun, and you can see some of the color shift as is.

My Christmas nails didn't turn out quite the way I pictured them, but that wasn't a huge deal, because we spent Christmas eve with my family and Christmas day at home watching movies :) I chose to do a chevron French with Zoya Anja and India. Only one of my pics came out decent.

My nails for Christmas eve were much more festive. The base color was two coats of Zoya Yummy, followed by two coats of Zoya Mosheen, then a coat of Seche. That was stamped over using Sugar Bubbles SBS 06 and MdU silver, then topped again with Seche.

Out of all the manis I did last week, I think I love Tuesday's the most. It combines two of my favorite colors, mint and coppery/rose goldish metallic. Both colors are from Essie, Mint Candy Apple and Penny Talk, and the plate is Vivid Lacquer VL010.

Monday was a water marble that I've been wanting to try, blue and silver. Zoya Trixie was the base for this one. The marbling polishes were Zoya Song and Wet 'N Wild clear. It didn't turn out quite the way I was hoping, but I think that's because of the clear polish. I need to find something that works better lol.

And finally, last Stamping Sunday's mani. I believe the challenge called for Christmas nails in general, so I chose to do peppermint swirls. The base color was Zoya Teigan, stamped with VL-1 and MdU white.

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