Saturday, November 14, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Your Job

Good morning.

I'm gonna keep this short, as I really just don't want to think up a post after what happened in Paris last night.

This week's prompt was called your job. My main job is secretary/receptionist, even though I'm also a certified, licensed nail tech. My base color was Zoya Mieko, a color I received as a GWP. I used images from the Mo You London I love the 50's plate 1, stamped in MdU white, an old fashioned phone, a typewriter, and a lady chatting on a phone. Pretty much covers what I do lol.

Job Inlinkz-

I'll put together a post tomorrow of the other manis I've done, I've just been sick and busy with work, and dealing with a bad week, and not had time to put one together.

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