Sunday, November 15, 2015

I know, I know.....

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :) I'm just glad to have made it through to the weekend; I had a hell of a week, that was compounded by trying to get sick. Thankfully, I didn't get fully sick, but I was left feeling tired and crappy like you would just before you get sick. That's why I haven't posted in nearly two weeks. Because of that, I have some catching up to do, so get comfy!

I did up my nails yesterday because I had some errand running to do. I managed to snap a pic of what is still on my nails as I type this, Colors by Llarowe Falsetto Child. OMG, I love this polish! It's just a chameleon. In some lights, it wants to be teal, others it shows navy, and in a few it wants to be a steely blue. I think it's a linear holo multichrome, even though Llarowe lists as a holo only.

I finally got around to trying out the other two Satins from the Zoya NYFW trio, Antoinette and Dagmara. I did accents of one on my left, accents of the other on my right. Over the accents, I stamped inspirational words from Bundle Monster 705 in MdU bones. I topcoated over the stamping, then re-Satined them with Zoya's Satin topcoat.

I skipped out on this week's #watermarblepracticewed prompt and did a mani for Veteran's Day. The base colors were ILNP Closure and Honor Roll. Closure got poppies stamped over from UberChic 1-02 in MdU white. Honor Roll got a water marble (that I wasn't real happy with....) over with OPI Nail Envy and Wet 'N Wild French White.

Tuesday, I did a prompt for a challenge on IG, it was purple. The base color was OPI Gelato on my Mind (I love this color!), the Shatter was Super Bass.

That week's PAA Mani Monday prompt that I chose to do was blue Diabetes Awareness. I have two relatives, my dad and his sister, that have Diabetes, which puts me at a greater risk for it =\ The base color was Zoya Progressive Blue, or Flo as I call it. The dots were stamped from UberChic 1-03 in MdU mint. I know they look blue, but I swear it was mint I used lol.

Because I started feeling sick last weekend, I didn't do my nails at all, so on to the previous Thursday! It was for a flash challenge in ANS, feathers. I was going for a cardinal's look, don't think I really nailed it. The base was a Saran Wrap mani of Zoya Janel and Quinn, and ILNP Closure. The feather image was from VL-4 from aliexpress in MdU black.

That Wednesday's #watermarblepractice prompt was random design. The base is Zoya Purity. For some reason, I could not get any of my whites to marble, so I used Nail Envy with Zoya Sia to create the marble.

And the last one! It was for an IG challenge as well, the prompt being under the sea. I busted out Emily de Molly Dark Depths for the base color. The stamping colors were MdU bones, pale yellow, mint, sunflower, sky blue, and white. The images came from Bundle Monster 501, 504, 506, and 510.

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