Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue candy mani!

I've been dying to try this since it was suggested on OPI's fanpage about a month ago; I just didn't have a blue jelly to use. I ended up ordering OPI's Dating a Royal, which I passed on when it first came out. First things first, though. For the base glitter, I used OPI's Show it And Glow it!, which I'm gonna totally regret when I go to take this mani off, lol. This is two coats.

Then topped with one thin coat of Dating a Royal and one coat of Poshe topcoat. The ONLY thing I don't like about Poshe is it didn't give a thicker finish. Meaning, my mani has a textured finish, which drives me nuts. Probably, I should have used SV, but I wanted to give the Poshe a try. I'm betting I'll like it better with a mani that doesn't involve glitter.

And lastly, here is my little haul from the last week and a half.

Back row: OPI's Servin' up Sparkle, Grape...Set...Match!, I Lily Love You, and Be a Dahlia Won't You.
Front row: Poshe topcoat, Zoya's Sooki (<3!!!), CND topcoat, and OPI's Dating a Royal.
The only one missing is Essie's Splash of Grenadine. I think I might in trouble here. If I like Zoya's formula as much as OPI's, I may have found another love. They have so many colors I haven't seen in OPI, it'll be hard to resist. Or I just might need help......... or another job :P

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  1. oh! Great! I like how it looks!
    I might have to grab this Dating a Royal!