Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Monday!

Hello, hello! I sincerely apologize for not being around the last two weeks. I'm still trying to get my camera situation straightened out, and can only hope Santa brings me one this year >.< I don't want to run up the charges on my cell phone too much, but I did take a couple quick pics of today's mani.

Today's mani showcases a color that I've been looking for, for what seems like years. It's been next to impossible for me to find a black polish that isn't a creme, loaded with glitter, or so shimmery it looks more charcoal than black. That is, until, I got Zoya Raven. Raven has a very subtle shimmer to that's hard for my camera phone to pick up. I love how much softer and more feminine Raven is compared to, say, OPI's Black Onyx. I have nothing against Black Onyx, I just wanted something softer. My two pics really don't Raven justify, so once I get a camera, I may get caught up on my swatches in the new year and you'll get to see better pics of her!

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