Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free as a bird!

Good evening!

I have for your viewing pleasure two manis, today's Stamping Sunday challenge and Friday's texture mani (which I totally meant to post Friday, but this damn cold I've had just won't let me go >.<). Today I finally feel like it's going away lol.

Today's Stamping Sunday challenge was over a nude base.......... Prolly one of my most disliked colors. I absolutely loathe nude colors on me, they're just so boring! I did it anyways, though, in spite of my dislike for nudes, and love the mani I came up with. I started with a base of 4 (yes, 4, that's how many it took for opacity and evenness) coats of Zoya Madison and topped with Seche. Aside from being boring, nudes are just such a pain in the ass to get them to look decent; most are hot, streaky mess with just 2 coats.

I let that dry for quite a while before I stamped over it. I used one of my untried plates, Mundos de Unas Handy 50. It has many vintage images on that I just love. For this mani, I used the bird images on the plate, stamped in Sinful Colors Black on Black. Topped with Seche and done. These images stamped incredibly well, I highly recommend getting any from this seller. She's amazing to work with, and sells stamping polishes as well as plates.

Friday's textured mani featured Zoya's Carter. I applied just two coats over my bare nails. Carter is very glowy and reminds me a lot of OPI's DS Temptation, minus the blue glitter. You can definitely get away with having both, since Carter is meant to be worn alone and Temptation works best layered since more like a glitter topper.

I know my secong pic is a bit blurry, but you can better see the fuschia sparkle to it.

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