Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Hump Day!!

Good afternoon!!

I've got four pretty manis I want to show you today. The first one, today's, is one I've wanted to try for a while. I picked up OPI's Sheer Tints over a month ago, and had yet to try to them. I finally got around to, after seeing many manis using them.

Most of the manis I have seen used a pure white, like Alpine Snow. I chose instead to use My Boyfriend Scales Walls. For some stupid reason, I needed to do three coats instead of my usual 2 for it. Anyways :P Then I just applied all four sheer tints over it, followed by Seche.

Yesterday, I did another negative space mani. Those seem to be all the rage right now, and there are a few different ways of doing them. I did mine using Scotch tape, Zoya Odette and Brigitte, and Art Club black striping polish. All topped with Seche.

On Monday, I featured a new-to-me indie brand, Enchanted Polish. There's a lot hype surrounding this brand; you'd think it was magic in a bottle. Don't get me wrong, the one I won in a first timers giveaway is nice (I won Hey Jude), I don't think it's any better than other indies I own.

Hey Jude is a multichrome with a sprinkling of holo. It shifts through a golden green to teal to purple. I needed three coats for my mani.

And, of course, Sunday was Stamping Sunday. The challenge for that was using a plate that ended in 2. What I came up with was neon bubbles! The base colors are Bleached Neons from Maybelline: Day Glow Teal, Pink Punch, Bleached in Peach, Citrus Collide, and Lime Accent. 

This mani gave me the opportunity to use my new stamping polishes from Mundo de Unas. Oh. My. God!!! Best stamping polishes EVER!!!! I had ordered all her neon colors plus black and white. What I used in this mani were neon orange, neon green, neon pink, neon blue, and neon yellow. I loved how these stamped so much that I will be getting more at some point. You can get them here; this is also where I've gotten my Handy plates.

The stamping plate I used was Messy Mansion MM02, matte topcoat was Wet 'N Wild.

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