Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A lot of catching up to do!

Good afternoon!

Sorry for being MIA; I tots blew off blogging last week because the lazy days of summer so caught up with me :P Because of that, I have a lot to show y'all today, so let's get to it, shall we?

First up is today's mani. It's for the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge. I chose to do only one of the prompts because, to be honest, I didn't want to do the other lol. So here is my aqua mani. Three coats of Zoya Rayne with Mundo lime and Uber Chic UC 1-01 stamped over.

Inlinkz to the other bloggers:

Yesterday's mani was for the 30 Days of Colour Challenge, metallic and/or gradient. My colors were China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around and Meet me in the Mirage.


Stamping Sunday's challegne was using a plate that ended in A-M. I don't own hardly any plates that end in letters, so I just went with the first letters :) The base is a gradient of China Glaze New Birth, Kinetic Candy, and Aquadelic over White on White. Double and triple stamped with Vivid Lacquer VL019 and Mundo black.

So very proud of that one!

The Fourth of July was Saturday, and I chose to do Friday's 30DoCC that day instead. The prompts were glitter and/or patriotic. I'm not really happy with how it turned out, but it's what I came up with on short time. Base colors are Zoya Dream and Blaze, stamped over with Mundo white and Vivid Lacquer VL002 and VL-02 from aliexpress.


I didn't work Friday, but I did go shopping and catch some great sales, so of course my nails were done :) I did a splatter with all China Glaze colors: Liquid Leather, Wait 'N Sea, Treble Maker, That's Shore Bright, and Let the Beat Drop.

I'm not really sure where I was going with Thursday's mani, but I like what I came up. I used OPI's The Berry Thought of You and I Sea You Wear OPI. The glitter is TNT from Formula X for Sephora. I did use a white undie with Berry, it was Put a Coat On! from OPI.

Last Wednesday, I took part in a water marble challenge that's going around Instagram. The prompt was patriotic. Wasn't happy with how half of my mani came out but I wasn't redoing it lol. Colors used were Zoya Purity, Sooki, Ling, and Trixie.

Last Tuesday's mani fulfilled prompts for both the 30DoCC and the 52WPNMC: Skittles, stamping, and pastels. The base colors were most of the Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neons:

Feathered Hair Out to There
'Til the Record Stops
Meet me at the Rink
Diggin' the Dancing Queen
Disco's Not Dead

Stamped over them was Mundo navy and Emily de Molly EDM03, then matted with Wet 'n Wild's matte topcoat.

Inlinkz to both:

I don't remember entirely what last Monday's PAA Mani Monday prompt, but I do know patriotic was in there. I did up a patriotic splatter for it, using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Red Hot Rio, and Road House Blues. The stars were picked out from Pure Ice Freedom.

Stamping Sunday was....... something I don't remember, because I didn't do it. Instead, I did a mani that was inspiration by another. I honestly don't remember the person's name, but I wanted to be clear mine was inspired by hers. Base colors were China Glaze Liquid Leather and White on White, over which I added Point me to the Party. Over the white nails, I stamped images from UC 1-01 and 1-02 in Mundo black. This was also for the glitter prompt for the 30DoCC.


Took a break that Saturday, so nothing for that, but I do have a Textured Friday mani. These are China Glaze In the Rough and OPI Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!.

Almost done! Two manis to go! This next one was the navy prompt for the 52WPNMC. The navy was OPI Light my Sapphire, paired with OPI You're So Outta Lime! over Put a Coat On!. Mundo nabu and UC 1-03 stamped over the accents. I actually really like how this one turned. Another that I wasn't sure where I was going with.


And lastly, the shimmer/silhouette prompt for the 30DoCC. I used my most precious child, OPI Santiago Sangria, as the base. Stamped images came from Messy Mansion MM50 and Handy 47, stamped in Mundo black.

Whew! All done!!

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