Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More festiveness!

Good evening!

Well, it's a week till Christmas, do you have your shopping done? I finished mine up today, not that I had too many to shop for. My family draws names every year, so we only have one person to get a gift for, with the exception of myself, my hubs, and my mom. Our birthdays are this month as well :P

Anyways! I want to show you a few manis from this week, starting with today's. I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and went with a darker green, Zoya's Suvi. I think I've only used once or twice and not as full manis. I did today, though. Suvi applied beautifully, and I achieved for coverage in two coats. I absolutely love how it turned it, but thought it could use a little sparkle. Not glitter but some sparkle.

I pulled out my little used Golden Rose Scale Effects #13. Wow, just wow. I topped it all with Seche, and just for giggles, I added a matte topcoat as an accent on the ring finger. The matte topcoat I used, NYC's Matte Me Crazy, made it look more satiny than matte. It was kind of hard to tell even in bright daylight, but it was still pretty.

Alrighty, Monday's mani was very simple. Using the glue method, I went with glitter- OPI's How's It Snowin'? topped with two coats of Gelous to smooth it out, the Seche. Let me tell you, as much as I hate using acetone to remove glitter, the glue method is almost as much a pain in the ass, at least in a full mani lol. Running my fingers under hot water helped with peeling it off though.

My mom wanted my to dress up her nails after she got them filled yesterday. Her base color is one of my fave reds, OPI's Rose to the Ovation. I pretty much did the same thing on her nails as I did for this past Stamping Sunday. Messy Mansion plate 01, China Glaze's Millenium, dotting tools, Zoya Song and Sure, and Color Club's Ho-Ho-Holly.

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