Sunday, December 2, 2012

Some festiveness!

Good evening! Welcome to December! There are now only 23 days left until Christmas :D So I've started doing festive manis, starting last Friday, but I want to start with today's since it is Stamping Sunday.

Today's theme for SS was, simply, winter. Last week I had done snowflakes and I didn't want to repeat that. Last week, my new plate from Messy Mansion came in; it's the new holiday plate she has on the home page. Let me tell, buying this plate and the New Year's plate was an awesome experience. Julie is so great to deal with, and her shipping rates can't be beat.

For some insane reason, I decided I wanted to do a gold mani with green stamping. I NEVER, and I mean NEVER, wear gold polish. EVER. Gold colored clothing and polish just doesn't play well with my skintone. Well, about a week and a half ago, I took the plunge and bought China Glaze's Angel Wings from their current holiday collection.

Angel Wings is dense, ultra fine, holo glitter. If you have Fairy Dust, it's similiar to that, but much denser; it's more of an actual polish where Fairy Dust is more like a topcoat. So, my base for this mani was 2 coats of Angel Wings. I added a layer of Gelous to smooth it out. It's not as rough as larger glitters, it's almost sand like. I put a coat of SV since Gelous is slow to dry.

Now, for the stamping, I wanted to use the full nail image of wreaths in green. I had picked up the mini set of Color Club's holiday collection for the sole purpose of stamping. Granted, they're scented, but that's ok. I picked the green and stamped my pinky nail first. Unfortunately, it stamped lighter than I expected, so I switched to China Glaze's Glittering Garland. That stamped lighter, too, but I finished the mani with it. One more coat of SV and done.

Friday's mani was very simple. I was in the mood for a sparkly red, so I pulled out OPI's Speak for Your-elf!. I just love this color. Two coats, Seche, and done!

Now for some swatches! These are all China Glaze, starting with Silver Platinum with 2 coats, Blue Bells Ring (with stains like a bitch!) at 2 coats, Sparks Fly 2 coats, and Angel Wings with 3 coats.


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