Saturday, March 22, 2014


Good evening!

Whew! It's been a helluva week >.> One I am definitely glad to see the end of. I won't go into it, because it's moot now, but yeah. 

I have several manis to show, all of them featuring Zoya colors :) First up is yesterday's Texture Friday mani. For that, I used two of Zoya's new Magical Pixie colors, Cosmo and Vega. I fully expected these to be rough, but not as rough as they are for me. I adore the colors, though. Two coats each for this mani.

Since Thursday was the first day spring (everywhere else in the US), I did up a bright colored mani. The base was three coats of Cole, a coat of Maisie, then topped with Seche. I stamped over it using Bundle Monster BM-H10 and Myrta, then topped it all with Seche.

Wednesday was a two toned, purple mani featuring Danni and Hudson, two coats each with a coat of Seche.

Tuesday was a pretty in pink mani with Dot and Monet. Dot was 3 coats, then a coat of Seche. Since I had read that Monet was thick and difficult to work with, I decided it would be better to sponge it on. Another coat of Seche followed the sponging.

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