Friday, August 8, 2014

A little pixiedust.....

Happy, happy Friday!

I've got two manis to show you today, both featuring Zoya colors :) For today's Textured Friday feature, I chose to wear Zoya Tomoko. While I still wish Tomoko was more silver, I have to admit it is a beautiful color. Two easy coats and let that dry for about 10 minutes. I stamped over with one of my new Pueen buffet plates, 59, in OPI Pamploma Purple. I absolutely love this color combo! Definitely gave me the effect I was going for :)

Earlier in the week, I happened to be in Pinterest and saw someone I follow post pics of chevron tips with Zoya's Tickled and Bubbly collections. That's where Wednesday's mani comes from. Two coats of Rooney then a coat of Seche. To create the chevrons, I used these stickers I got in a swap last year:

Let me tell you, they made it real easy to create the chevrons. Once I had a sticker straight on the nail, I applied Binx to the tip. I immediately removed the sticker and moved on the next nail. Another coat of Seche finished off the mani.

This mani lasted pretty well; even when I went to take it off yesterday, I had no chips or tipwear. I was quite surprised.

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