Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Easing into fall......

Good afternoon and happy hump day!

I may not be quite ready for fall colors, but I am definitely more than ready for fall weather! Summer can take a hike already :P We're getting a little taste of it, with a cooler breeze for our hot, hot days. It's just a little difference, but it is noticeable.

One of the Face Book groups I'm in does weekly challenge. This week's challenge was using Shatter/Crackle in our manis, as well as stamping. I'm a little surprised at well mine came together. It started with a base of Urban Decay's Chaos (which I am just gaga for. I love it!) at two coats, then a coat of Seche. I dug out my Silver Shatter from OPI and added a thin coat of it. That dried pretty quick, so I was able to stamp within a few minutes. Stamping polish is Mundo de Unas in either aqua or turquiose (the one I have is out of stock on her site, so I'm not sure which it is lol) and the stamped image is from VL-1. That is not a Vivid Lacquer plate, it is from aliexpress. Topped everything with Seche.

Monday's mani was a fall-ish water marble. It started with a base of Zoya Purity at 2 coats then Seche. The colors for the water marble were Zoya Margo and Chantal. Topped again with Seche, then Morgan Taylor Matte's a Wrap.

Sunday's Stamping Sunday Challenge......... Yeah, not really happy with how it turned out. I don't know if it's because I just don't like the color combo or just don't care for the mani overall. The challenge called for using a color combo you've never done. The first combo that came to my mind is red and gold.

I have never really liked red and gold together on me, but I do like it on others. I chose Zoya Brooklyn for the gold and Sooki for the red. The stamped images are from Messy Mansion MM05. Topped off with Seche.

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