Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday :) We have finally gotten some beautiful weather here in FL, worthy enough of opening our windows and letting in. It may only last a few days, but I'll take what I can get lol.

Soooo, it's October, and that means a month of switching between pink manis and Halloween manis. I have a couple in need of showing off, so let's get to them!

First up is today's Stamping Sunday theme, which was over a pink base and Breast Cancer Awareness theme. To start, I did a base of 2 coats Zoya Purity topped with Seche. I created a pink gradient, using Zoya Kitridge, Rooney, and Caprice. Stamped over that were butterfly images from my VL-1 plate from aliexpress with Mundo de Unas silver. Topped again with Seche.

When I got a look at this in daylight (since I did it last night), I was pleasantly surprised that my gradient looked decent :)

Friday was my first Halloween themed mani, and I admit, I half assed it lol. It was also Textured Friday, and while I didn't use any new textures, I used two I've had for some time, and haven't used much. It was simply two coats each of Zoya Dovima and Dhara. I don't recall using Dovima before in a mani, but I do like it.

I will say this for Dovima: my job is hard on my nails, with having to reach into boxes and bins and drawers for window parts, but I didn't have a chip or tip wear on Dovima at the end of the day. Very impressed with that, as not all matte polishes can boast that.

Last Wednesday was my first BCA mani for October, and I thought it was fitting to use this year's OPI Pink of Hearts duo, which is Mod About You and The Power of Pink. For whatever reason, I didn't own Mod About You before this, but I do now. Two coats of it served as the base, a coat of The Power of Pink went over it, then a coat of Seche.

Let me talk a moment about The Power of Pink. It's a milky, not quite crelly, base with fuchsia sparkly and matte white hex glitters in medium and fine sizes. It is quite sheer on its own, but could prolly build up to opacity in a few coats. I chose to layer it, because I didn't want to screw with taking off all the glitter.

I stamped over my ring fingers and thumbs with the awareness ribbon from Bundle Monster BM-321 and Mundo de Unas fiusca. Topped those with Seche and done.

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