Sunday, November 30, 2014

Such a busy week!

Good afternoon, dearies!

It's been an incredibly busy week, hence my lack of posting, but this is going to be a catching up post :) So pull up a chair and your favorite snack/beverage and enjoy!

The first mani to be shown is today's Stamping Sunday challenge, Art Nouveau. The base color is 2 coats of China Glaze New Birth. I originally passed this up, but had read it was cool toned white, sort of like OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but instead of blue toned, New Birth is more green toned. In fact, the stamping polish I used, MdU Fiji, made it appear to be a pale, pale green. The stamped image is from VL-1. Topped, of course, with Seche.

I seriously need to work on my placement lol. For my thumbs, I enlarged this image, the other fingers I shrunk it for.

I almost did a black mani for Black Friday, but I didn't. I did a blue one, and it was textured. It was just two coats each of Zoya Nori and Vega. I like how Nori wasn't as rough as Vega but still has a bit of texture.

I had to take of my pics indoor this week, because the weather was pretty bad most, and wouldn't show some of these beauties properly.

My Thanksgiving mani didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, I think the green I used was too bright. My bas color was two coats of Zoya Nyssa, then a coat of Seche. Th first image stamped was the plaid from MJ XXIX in MdU high green. The other images came from Messy Mansion MM23, Winstonia W119, and Bundle Monster BM-H12, in the colors pinon, yellow, reddish, and brick, also from MdU. Seche over it all.

Wednesday's mani was a sparkly, girly mani, perfect, I think, for the day before a holiday. It was simply one coat of Zoya Margo, then 3 coats of Zoya Nova, then a coat of Seche.

Tuesday was more stamping, this time over Zoya Remy. First, two coats of Remy, in which the golden sparkle in the bottle didn't translate to the nail, which in turn made me happy. My pics make it appear more green though. Stamped over it was MdU light gold and MJ XXIX, then Seche.

Monday's mani was very simple, just two coats of I Love Nail Polish's Champagne Blush, a gorgeous rose gold holo. Seche didn't dull the holo either.

These pics make it appear more pink, but again, this was taken inside. Trust me, Champagne Blush is definitely more rose gold.

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