Friday, September 2, 2011

Teal Toes Day!

Today, September 2, has been set aside as the day to wear teal to bring awareness to ovarian cancer. The whole month of September, though, is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. For more info about this, please go to!

For today, I chose not to do a pedi, since I did mine last week and wasn't ready to change it, but a mani. I didn't have what I would call a teal, even though if you went through my OPI swatches you might say otherwise, so I made one. I started with ONE, that's right, ONE coat of Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear in Blue Me Away. When I bought this color, I fully intended it to be used in stamping, since I was a given a link to colors/brands that were great for that purpose. Well, that hasn't happened yet, as I get impatient with myself xD Anyways, I'm very impressed with this particular polish: it has a lovely wide brush that makes application a breeze and coverage is just excellent. Take a look for yourself!

Once that was dry, which didn't take very long, I added two coats of Austin-tacious Turquoise from OPI. The resulting color reminds me very much of my junior prom dress, without the sparklies :P Topped off with Poshe, which I'm really starting to like.

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