Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's time a bit of vampyness

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope you all are having fun and staying safe! Hubs and I didn't have anything special planned, so it's just a chill and relax weekend. The mani I did was one of those, slap-it-on-just-to-cover-the-nails kind. I wanted to do something dark, since yeah, it's September, but fall won't even put in an appearance until October at the earliest. I picked Black Cherry Chutney from OPI; it's about my darkest color, aside from Black Onyx. Two coats for full opacity, topped with SV. It's nearly impossible to catch the shimmer on camera, but believe, it's a dark shimmery red.

Ok, now for a little bragging. The best part about this weekend........ my Jeep got fixed!!!! I'll finally be able to go back to work this coming week, which is awesome. I think I needed the extra time to let my knees heal up more from my fall, but damn. It's been pretty close to two months since the Jeep broke down. I have great parents, who loaned me the money to get the part needed for the repair =D My other brag are these:

I found some good sales between this weekend and last. The Orlys were $7.99 each at Sally's, the two OPI lacquers were BOGO at JCP, and the SV were BOGO free (buy the top coat, get the base free) at Sally's as well. Then I found:

The Sinful Colors is dead on dupe for OPI's Last Friday Night. The Orly minis are Candy Cane Lane (assuming that was a Christmas collection). Annnnnd, Revlon's dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance, Facets of Fuschia. It's spoken for :) Have a great weekend!


  1. great haul!
    I love your pictures! your nails look so pretty!!

  2. Thank you! My nails have been giving me fits lately, and have only just startedd looking uniform again xD