Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenge #10- Gradient for Pink Wednesday

Ok, so I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on gradients. I don't think my nails are *too* horrible, but, again, I need to practice. I've seen some pretty spectacular gradients, just not on me :P

For today's challenge, I started with two coats of Sparrow me the Drama from OPI. Still a little streaky after 2 but nothing that I can't deal with.

Using a non latex makeup sponge (I'm allergic to latex >.<), I sponged on Splash of Grenadine from Essie. This is were the gradient started to go "wrong" in my opinion. SOG went on more subtle than I expected, or maybe I just chose the wrong colors; I don't know. Anyways, here's the pic.

Using a fresh sponge, I sponged on Dim Sum Plum and topped it all with SV. This went on darker than I expected. Again, it's not completely horrible, but I think I need to going looking for application tips.

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