Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bit of a fail for Pink Wednesday =\

I thought today would be a good opportunity to try out two new things: Pedal Faster Suzi! from OPI and a plate from the newer Bundle Monster set.

The base color came out nice (go to the OPI swatch page to see it alone). I love this color, it's so girly and perfect for early (lol) spring. It did take three coats for opacity but it's worth imo. Topped with SV and let that all dry.

Now, I got this set of plates last week and I was just excited about it. From what I had and seen, the full nail images looked like they would work on my wide, long nailbeds. So I picked one and went to work. I don't know if was the black I used or if I just need some practice, but yeah, didn't come out as nice as I would have like. Some of the image didn't want to pick up from the plate or transfer to the nail, which you can see on my middle and ring fingers. I think the combo is pretty, just could have looked nicer =\

Also, on March 1st, I'm gonna be starting a 30 day challenge. Y'all are welcome to join me! I did not make this one up, it was posted in a FaceBook group that I'm in, so I don't know who the creator is. Let's take a look at it.

Some of them I may change up a little, since they almost don't apply to me, and I may go out of order on this one as I did the last one. Stay tuned!

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