Friday, February 17, 2012

Max Factor's Fantasy Fire

Good morning! Welcome to Friday! Are you anxious for the weekend? All I'm really looking forward to is trying to edit more swatch pics and relaxing with the hubs :)

I bring to you a much coveted recent release, Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. It's a UK release only, so you're not gonna find here in the States :P I managed to get in on a swap for this beauty, and I'm so glad I did. From what I understand, it's a pretty close or dead on dupe of Clarins 230. Now, I don't own that or can recall seeing pics of it; all I know is FF is gorgeous. Here's a pic of the bottle:

See? Gorgeous, huh?

For today's mani, I layered two coats of that over two coats of OPI's Road House Blues. I kinda wish I had chosen something lighter, but oh, well. The only, only, little disappointment I had is the blue you see in the bottle pic didn't translate to the nail. Maybe if I had used a lighter a base it would have; we'll have to see. The first set of pics I have are outside in the sun, the last in the shade.

Then I have some indoor pics, one with a flash, one without. Sorry for the blurrieness in the second, it was almost impossible for me to take a clear pic. But you can see some green and gold in that one.

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