Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not perfect.......

But not too bad either, lol!

This is the mani I was sporting yesterday, I'll be putting today's up later tonight. Yesterday, I gave one of my new China Glaze Magnetix a try. While it's not too terribly difficult, it is an exercise in patience. It took me several attempts to get 8 fingers to look alike, and we won't even discuss my thumbs :P

The instructions included with the magnet tell you to use a single coat of the color. The one I chose, Pull me Close, most definitely needed to thin coats, since it's a pretty blue-grey frost. You do need to have a steady hand for this; my problem wasn't necessarily bumping the wet polish, it was the design coming out nice. But here is what my final result looked like.

The mark on the middle finger wasn't from bumping it, it was from the polish reaching up to the magnet! It was kinda cool watching it.

I certainly need more practice; maybe next time it won't take me so many tries to get them to look the same :P


  1. Very pretty! I own that color but haven't tried it yet.

  2. I just painted my fingernails with it last night! I will put up a post about it on my blog soon, hopefully tomorrow. :-)