Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another 3 challenges!

Good morning!!

So it appears that while I am able to polish everyday, I fail at blogging everyday lol. There just isn't enough time in the day for me to do everything I do. It's just easier for me to lump a few of these together and post them rather than one at a time.

Let's start with Day 9's theme- a color that is vampy. To be honest, the very first one I thought of OPI's Vampsterdam, for obvious reasons :P I'm loving the trend, in recent years, of spring time vampy colors. The first collection I can think of, off the top of my head, that did this was OPI's India collection. It featured a dark blue, Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, and a dark red, Black Cherry Chutney. I own both and love them, so it was no surprise that I had to have Vampsterdam.

I actually have no real problem with the color, aside from it needing three thin coats. I love the fact that it's a frost; frosts are so unappreciated and people have complained endlessly about this one being a frost. I think it gives this lovely color a touch of softness to keep from being too.......... stark, I guess. What I mean is, I don't think I would have bought this if it had been a creme finish instead of a frost. Cremes are boring to me, lol.

Alright, I switched up the next couple of challeneges to accomadate Pink Wednesday. In my opinion, pinks aren't boring, so I switched it for Day 11's challenge, "a color from your favorite brand". As much as I love OPI (and I do! It was my first "big girl" brand I bought), I love Zoya just a little bit more. I just don't have any near as many Zoyas as OPIs. In keeping with Pink Wednesday, I chose Zoya Dita, which I got during their Valentine's promo. Now, Zoya calls Dita red and has it listed as such, but I strongly disagree with that. Dita is what I would call a watermelon pink. It's a beautiful, bright pink bordering on red, but still more pink than red. I love this color on it's own, but I added 2 coats of Finger Paints Twisted and made it all matte with Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love. Oh, and this over two effortless coats of Dita.

And now for today's challenge- a color from a brand you hate. I can't say that I truly hate any one brand in particular, but there is one that holds a special place for how frustrating it is. Most of the colors I have from it take at least 3 coats to look decent, and start chipping the same day. It may be my application, I don't know, but Sinful Colors really annoys the crap out of me. For this one, I picked a color that I got for Christmas, Hot Spot from Sinful Colors.

I love the color, how could I not? You just can't go wrong with a dark blue with scattered lighter blue fine glitter......... except for the first coat being so sheer. It took me three coats for decent opacity, and I still had a few bald spots. You can see one on my pinky finger in both pics. So, yeah, this will be coming off later so I can do tomorrow's challenge.

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