Monday, March 12, 2012

Three new challenges!

Good morning! Did DST screw you up as much as it did me yesterday, lol? Yeah, I was all set to post up yesterday and Saturday's manis........ and I ended up going back to bed yesterday because I just didn't sleep well the night before =\ BUT, I did go to Fashion Focus Hair Academy on Saturday and met with one of the instructors. I have such a good feeling about this, I'm so excited about enrolling! I can't remember the last I was this excited about something. OH, and literally right across the street from the academy is an Ulta! I got to go for the first time ever, and yeah, I didn't walk out empty handed :P In my defense, not all of it was for myself, but I can tell this may be bad for my bank account when I start class :P

On to the challenges! I have days 6, 7, and 8 for y'all. Starting with Day 6, which was "a color that you've never worn". Well, the reason I've never worn this color is because I just got it like last week. Meet the lovely Beetle from Hard Candy. Really, it should have been named Chamelon, instead of Beetle, because it's a gorgeous multichrome. At first, I thought it was just a duochrome, but the more I looked at it, the more colors I noticed. I didn't get enough pics to show it, but believe me, it's a multichrome. This was three coats with Poshe over top it.

Day 7's challenge was "a color that you wear often". Hmmmmmm, there isn't a particular color I wear more than others, not since my collection exploded, but there is one that I wore enough to have to get a new bottle. That would be OPI's Purple-opolis. Purple-opolis is such a good standby color; you can wear it year round and it would be appropriate. Imagine my dismay when, wanting to get said new bottle (mine was an old black label with the skinny brush), I found out it was retired! I did manage to get from and only paid retail for it. Pardon the somewhat dark pics, it was pretty cloudy yesterday when I took them. Two coats with Poshe over it.

And now for today's challenge. This one was called "a color that was gifted to you". The first color that came to my mind was Don't Teal My Heart Away from Diamond Cosmetics. This color was created in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I sent this color from a wonderful friend on FaceBook. I think this may be the first full mani I've done with this color lol. Two effortless coats with Poshe topcoat.

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