Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Good evening! So, here it is, the middle of another week lol. I hope all is well for my lovely readers. I was reflecting earlier today about how last horrible last year was for me and my husband, and I realized things were so much better this year compared to last. So, I guess today, and every day really, I'm thankful that things are finally going in the right direction.

On to today's mani! It's Pink Wednesday, so of course I needed something pink to wear. It was one of those times that I just couldn't pick a color to do lol, but I did want to try something new- a watercolor mani. This is a fairly easy nail art technique that just about anyone with plenty of polish, a paintbrush, and acetone can do. So obviously I decided to do a pink watercolor mani.

I started with two coats of Pink Friday from OPI, topped it with SV, and let that dry completely. Just about every tutorial I watched recommended using a topcoat so you don't ruin your base color. Once that was dry, I added little blobs of my others, one at a time, and sort of smeared them with my brush dipped with acetone. The other colors I used were Dim Sum Plum, Kiss me on my Tulips, and In my Back Pocket from OPI, and Zoya Dita. Considering this is my first time trying this, I don't think I did too bad. Please excuse the dry cuticles; I literally took these pics 5 minutes after clean up.

Now I'd like to talk about what I had on my nails yesterday and Monday. I was faced with a dilemma Monday: I was called into work that and had naked nails. I refuse to go to work with naked nails but I was short on time. So, I thought to myself, what will dry quick and look nice? Answer: matte polish! It so happened that I picked up two matte polishes from Zoya in the last month or so, Phoebe and Loredana. Phoebe happens to be more on trend and spring like so I grabbed her and went to work.

Mind you, my only base were one coat of Nail Envy and one coat of Orly Bonder. Three coats of Phoebe later and I was off to work! I was surprised at how fast it dried, even for matte. It did take some careful applying so it didn't look too streaky, but overall I was happy with how Phoebe looked. Now, I had read some reviews that complained of horrible staining........... The only staining I had was on my right hand, around the nails but not really the nails themselves, and what little staining I had was remedied in my shower.

My other surprise was how well Phoebe well, considering I had no topcoat. My job is rough on my polished tips, and by the time I went home Monday, I had little to no wear and no chips. Even when I took it off yesterday, I still had no chips and very little wear. So yeah, I think I may get more mattes from Zoya xD Here's how Phoebe looks on me:

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