Sunday, April 29, 2012

My first review!

Good morning! I hope the sun is shining for you wherever you today. It's rather gloomy here and I think we're gonna get more rain. Yay xD

I bring to you today my very first product review! I was so excited to be picked for one, and hope it's a precursor to more in the future! Today's review is made possible by Jody Alu, owner and proprietess of, a site that deals in handmade home and bath products. Jody sent to me for a review one of her original nail lacquer creations, Grasshopper. Grasshopper is part of her current collection and is available to purchase here on her site and here on Etsy.

Grasshopper is a sheer, shimmery golden green polish with different shapes and sizes of holo glitter in it. Looking at it, I see bar glitter, hex glitter, round, and diamond shaped. It's not densely packed, and this polish was definitely made to be layered. For the purpose of this review, I swatched it over three different colors: China Glaze's Gaga for Green and Zoya's Suvi and Raven. I did two coats of each color with two coats of Grasshopper layered over that.

The first pics are Grasshopper over Gaga for Green.

You can see the shimmer a little bit, and you can tell the glitter is holo, but it doesn't really pop over this shade of green. I did find that Grasshopper is very manageable and easy to work with, though.

Here it is over Suvi:

Now, let me tell you, I love Suvi. I love that fact that it's a gorgeous emerald green without any yellow tones in it. However, it's pretty dark and fallish. Grasshopper turned it into something more springlike without being too yellow for me to enjoy. I like it how Grasshopped looks layered over Suvi.

And now for Raven:

This is what I would picture Suvi to look like with just the glitter and not the base, lol. This came out pretty dark and vampy, but I think it's my favorite look of the three. Depending on the angle, I could almost see the silver shimmer of Raven coming through and that gave it a pretty effect.

Here are close ups of each, in order:

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