Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday's mani......

Good morning!

Let me just say, the mani I'm about to post is not the one I had planned, lol. I was all set to do my first splatter mani Monday evening......... I have come to the conclusion that this is a mani that requires a little more time than I had, so I started over and came up with this one.

This mani started with 3 coats of Zoya Pippa, which isn't too terrible for a yellow. I have a few of yellows, from other brands, that require 4 or more >.< Pippa is what I would call banana yellow. It's not as bright as lemon yellow, but softer and more mellow. I topped it off with 2 coats of FingerPaints Asylum, then made it all matte with Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love. It held up surprisingly well yesterday, without any chips or tip wear by the time I got from work yesterday.

I will be posting today's Pink Wednesday mani later tonight. I'm actually rather excited about this one! 'Til tonight!

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