Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday!

Good evening and happy hump day!

I bring to you tonight another new polish I wanted to show off. I got this on my trip to Ulta this past weekend, and I was lucky to have gotten it, as it was the last bottle. I am talking about China Glaze's Fanatic Fuschia. I had finally decided that I needed it and went looking for it at Sally's >.> Nope, all sold out of the collection it was in. Glad I found it at Ulta, though, since my other Sally's didn't have it either when I went today.

I can't say how much I love this color. Nothing screams pink more than fuschia, and this is definitely fuschia. I think this is prolly the only one I own too; I can't see I've seen any other brands release a fuschia recently. This applied so nicely and only need two coats for opacity. I dropped it off with two coats of I Lily Love You from OPI; I can't seem to remember how much of a pain in the ass ILLY is. It does not like to lay nice, even with two coats of SV. I have to take cuticle nippers and clip and pieces that may snag =\ But here is the final mani.

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