Monday, January 13, 2014

Stamping Sun..... er Monday!

Good evening!

So, I completely blew off yesterday's Stamping Sunday challenge. You'd think with allll the different shows I watch, I would have been able to pick something to be inspired be. You'd think, but, yeah. Couldn't come up with a damned thing.

I did come up with something for the Monthly Palette Project. This month's colors were Cacti Colors: 

I knew I definitely had three of them, so that's what I used, in a gradient as per the rules :P The colors were all Zoya- Wednesday, Natty, and Sailor, topped with Seche so I could stamp over. The image are from Mo You Rebel collection 02, stamped in CND's Vinylux Cream Puff. Topped with Seche again, followed by a new matte topcoat from Wet 'N Wild (love it, btw!).

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